Friday, October 27th

Scott basically tells Abby that she can do better. Not interested in his opinion, Abby marches out – telling Sharon her boyfriend’s ‘a piece of work’. When Zack returns to the patio, Scott accuses him of being the one to set him up.

Mattie and Cane negotiate how many kids she can invite to this party. He wants them to have fun and keep it down to a dull roar. Now alone, Charlie can’t help but be impressed. Mattie is too – she can invite 10 kids over but would have settled for 6.

Still at the office, Vikki and Billy are compiling a list of journalists to contact (to spread their rumors) when she gets a troubling call; the FDA wants to test every BnS product for cross contamination. If there is, all products will be pulled off the shelves.

Seated with Dina, Ashley implores her Mother to come back to Jabot with her and Jack – we need your expertise and advice. Dina came to Florida to destress but is convinced that Ashley is sincere. We need you, Jack comes along to add. How long do I have to get my things together? Dina agrees.

It all fits, Scott shares his theory with Zack. What you didn’t account for is me finding Natalia on Design Date – it’s a front for your prostitution ring. Abby has no idea you’re using her. Zack doesn’t see Natalia having a profile on Design Date as proof. Denying all, he leaves Scott to tell Sharon that he made a mistake; a big one.

Wheeling Dina’s luggage, Jack and Ashley come up with answers for every concern their Mother has about leaving (Graham has something to do and will catch up with them later. They have to fly out now because a storm’s moving in) ‘I can’t wait’, Dina’s happy to be going home – where she belongs.

Billy tries to keep Vikki calm – the problem is contained; no one else has been affected; the tests will be done soon and all products will be back on the shelves. Vikki flips – this is about our reputation with our customers – face it, this is a death blow to this company!

Next: Sharon quietly tells Tessa ‘I need to talk to you, about Zack’ … I didn’t tamper with your product, Jack insists (in his office) Then who? Did you have Gloria do it? Billy shouts … Outside, at Gloria’s desk, Ashley questions her – Was it Jack? No, your brother would never… That leaves you, I’m calling the police. No, please, Gloria pleads.