Monday, October 30th

Victor arrives at BnS to see Vikki throwing boxes of BnS’s mask into the garbage. It’s time to go for a walk, he insists as he holds up her coat.

Managing to get past Gloria to find Jack’s office empty, Billy threatens to tell the whole family (including Dina) that Saint Jack put Vikki in the hospital if Jack doesn’t get to the office NOW to hash this out. Billy then slams the office door leaving Gloria to twirl her Halloween mask and ponder.

Declining breakfast prepared by Mrs Martinez with her kids, Dina would like a ride to the club to breakfast with Graham – perhaps you’d like us to come over for dinner tonight, she smiles obliviously. Ashley stands by as Jack suggests she move into the Abbott home permanently.

At CL’s, Tessa wishes Sharon a Happy Halloween then blathers on reassurances that she won’t hurt Noah. Sharon needs to know about Zack; how well did you know him in Chicago?

Meanwhile, on the patio, Zack gets in Scott’s face about his ridiculous accusations. Concluding that they should just avoid one another, Zack’s pleased when Abby arrives to declare that a good idea.

Kissing Zack, Abby stands by her man to announce that Scott’s just jealous of Design Date – how’s that sex ring expose coming along anyway? Saying he’s still working on it, Scott quietly (and reluctantly) leaves Abby to kiss her excellent boyfriend’ some more (before she goes to tend to family business; seeing her grandmother)

Sharon insists she does trust Tessa, she’s just curious about Zack. Stopping Tessa from leaving in a huff, Sharon breaks Scott’s confidence to blab that Design Date is a front for the sex ring. They’re gathering information on Zack to take to the police.

Ashley takes Jack aside to hiss at him for his not consulting her before asking Dina to move in. Both turn as Dina thanks Jack for his kind offer but she’s fully recovered and capable of living on her own. And no, she won’t be lonely; she has Graham.

Devon’s busting Neil’s balls at the club. He feels bad for Vikki and knows she and Neil have been friends for a long time but he worries she won’t able to repay their loan so won’t give her an extension. Neil asks Devon to hear Vikki out – she deserves our trust.

Vikki wants to get back to the office to prepare for her meeting. Not happy to hear that Hannah’s taking the kids trick or treating, Victor basically tells Vikki to stop and smell the Halloween decorations (at CL’s) Vikki fears losing everything and is sorry she didn’t take her Dad’s advice.

Abby hugs her grandmother and is surprised when she speaks of Graham so fondly – you’re not mad at him? Ashley appears to say that a lot has happened since the night of the award dinner – the details are a bit fuzzy. Nonsense! Dina’s annoyed that Ashley thinks she knows her better than she knows herself – and she’s jealous of my relationship with Graham.