Friday, October 27th

Billy wishes Vikki would sit down before she falls down but he’s relieved she’s there. Vikki’s tempted to go upstairs to confront Jack but since he’s out of town her plan is to have the PR department start some rumors about how far Jabot’s willing to go to take down a business rival.

Going through a box of Halloween decorations, Mattie tells Charlie that they should have a party since Reed can’t because his Mom’s in the hospital. She’s sure she can persuade Dad and it’ll be more fun than the party at CL’s.

After Sharon scolds Abby, Scott admits the rumors are true. The cops questioned me, Zack chimes in. Scott explains that he woke up in bed with a dead prostitute; framed by the sex ring he’s investigating. He’s confident the real killer will be arrested soon.

Ashley’s talked to hotel staff (who say Dina seems OK) and Jack’s talked to Mike (who then ‘comes through’ via text) Both agreeing they won’t go home without their Mother, Ashley goes to get Dina. Happening along seconds later, Graham’s surprised to see Jack still there – more surprised to hear that he’ll be arrested.

While Scott and Sharon discuss Zack’s (non)reaction to his news, Zack and Abby are on the patio discussing Scott. When his phone rings, Zack excuses himself. Scott makes a beeline to the patio to assure Abby that he’s not jealous of Zack (but he’s worried about her) What are you talking about? Abby’s annoyed.

Back at the house, Mattie easily manipulates her Dad into letting her throw the party that Reed can’t anymore.

Jack’s pleased to inform Graham that the power of attorney he had Dina sign in GC is not valid in any other state. Welcome to Florida – where you can’t make decisions. You committed fraud – elder abuse, Jack then boasts that Mike’s college roommate is the local DA. Graham decides to leave before the authorities arrive. Good idea and don’t come back to GC, Jack concludes. Good luck, you’ll need it, Graham replies as he exits. Jack then calls Mike to say ‘it worked’. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Dina that they need her in GC.