Monday, October 30th

Victor wishes Vikki had reached out to him for help. You never asked anyone for help, Vikki couldn’t run to her Daddy. The great and powerful Victor Newman is her hero. Victor doesn’t feel powerful and wonders if Vikki worries he’d take over. Vikki’s afraid of disappointing her Father – you might stop loving me (as you did Nick) Victor can’t compare the two situations. I could have lost you.

Jack and Ashley bicker but agree that they must do what’s right for their Mother. Abby just wants to help. Jack considers taking Dina to another doctor.

Assuring Vikki that she hasn’t failed, Victor thinks the answer is for NE to buy BnS back; she’ll run it as a division like she used to. As for Jack, he’s got people looking into whether he sabotaged the face masks. Vikki appreciates his concern but has a few ideas to save BnS. Tonight will be all about the kids.

Victor now strolls onto the patio to wonder why Zack’s not working in the space Abby gave him rent-free. Zack casually mentions Scott and his sex ring expose then randomly can’t help but get the feeling that he did something wrong. Why would you ask that? Victor wonders.

Is Zack the one who got my sister into this? Tessa demands answers. Sharon confides that Scott’s being framed for Natalia’s murder to try shut his expose down. Tessa’s incredulous – he said he changed his life. From what? He owned a couple of ‘intimate massage parlours’ Tessa admits she worked in one for a few weeks but quit when Zack tried to pressure her into sleeping with the men. He did that to my sister and lied to me, Tessa vows to hurt Zack. Asked to keep this secret, Tessa can’t guarantee it.

Vikki meets Neil and Devon at the club to assure that all but her pride has recovered. On to BnS, the bridge loan is due soon – she can’t pretend this scandal hasn’t taken a hit. No, she’s not looking for more time to repay the loan – she’s looking for more money. Handing over her tablet, Vikki pitches increased investment from HWG. Neil’s easily sold, Devon not so much.

At Jabot, Gloria scolds Ashley for letting Billy and Jack speak alone in his office. Did you do this? Ashley interrupts. Me? Of course I didn’t; Gloria resents Ashley and Billy always bringing up her past. OK, were you working on orders from Jack? Ashley rephrases her question.

Devon praises Vikki’s pitch but with BnS’s future unstable doesn’t see the benefit to HWG of lending her more money. He expects the full amount of the original loan to be paid on the due date. Vikki understands and is OK with what she assumes will happen if she doesn’t pay; HWG owning a stake in BnS. Uh no, Devon has no interest in acquiring a cosmetics company. And unlike Neil, he wouldn’t rule out selling to the highest bidder, even if it is Jack or Hawkman.

Jack didn’t tamper with BnS’s face masks or pay anyone else to – he’s been busy with his Mother. Not buying it, Billy then accuses him of paying Gloria to do it. Jack reminds Billy that HE’S the spy; you sunk so low as to use my Mother and the woman you claim to love to hurt Jabot.

Wringing her hands, Gloria denies having anything to do with sabotaging BnS’s mask. Apologizing, Ashley can see that Gloria’s changed – but if Jack asked you for a simple favour…. When Ashley threatens to call the authorities, Gloria admits that Jack asked her to get a box of the face mask but he left town before she could give it to him. Taking the box Gloria pulls out of her purse, Ashley marches off to run some tests.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Dina asks Abby how she is; never mind work – tell me about your love life. Grandmother’s get to be nosey. She can tell that things are good with Zack; is he good between the sheets? He’s smart and romantic – Abby didn’t think she could be this happy again.

Victor’s seen Zack’s car parked outside the tackhouse a few times. Zack assures that his feelings for Abby are indeed genuine. As long as you treat her well, we have no issue, Victor says – hurt her and you’ll have to deal with both her and then me. Have a nice evening, Victor leaves Zack to look worried.