Monday, October 30th

You used my Mother’s password and Phyllis computer, Jack accuses. Billy had to – you kept coming after us. People rely on their jobs at BnS. Billy knows this is all because Phyllis chose him. She settled for you, Jack corrects. Billy brings up a list of Jack’s betrayals; Diane, Jill. I slept with your Mother before you were born, Jack snarls – we’re done here. You lie, you cheat, steal – we have more in common with each other than with our Father. Get out, Jack looks out the window as Billy pauses at the door.

For the sake of girls like your sister, we can’t tip Zack off, Sharon warns. When Zack comes along to place an order, Tessa bolts – ‘gotta go’. Sharon’s nervousness immediately makes Zack suspicious and he abruptly leaves for a meeting without his coffee and ‘goodies’. Sharon’s left to worry.

Billy returns to BnS to relay confronting Jack – he denied it. My Dad’s looking into it too, but Vikki’s worried about the loan and will pay it from her personal savings so Devon doesn’t sell to the highest bidder. Billy thinks he should be the one to buy in – whaddaya say?

Devon makes the final decisions but really wants Neil to be OK with that. Neither Father or son want to be at odds with one another. Neil’s left to sigh sadly.

Zack takes a stool next to Scott at the club’s bar to ask if he shared his ridiculous suspicions with Sharon and Tessa. He just came from CL’s; Tessa wouldn’t speak to him and Sharon was shaking like a leaf. Stop spreading rumours, Zack warns. If I see any of your lies in print, it’ll be the last thing you write.

Back at BnS, Vikki and Billy are devastated; customers are returning products, suppliers and distributors are pulling out of deals. Your offer’s too late Billy – everything I fought for with BnS are gone.

Ashley and Jack come home bickering. Dina’s waiting with her bags packed – she can’t keep Graham waiting any longer and doesn’t want to be ‘taken care of’. Graham’s not at the club, Jack finally says. He doesn’t want to see you again. Dina slumps onto the sofa, instantly depressed.

Next: Billy tells Victor that Jack’s the one who sabotaged the company, he poisoned the face masks … Ashley tells a guilty looking Jack that she’d really love it if he could look her in the eye and tell me you are not behind it…. I have the whole night planned and it’s going to be awesome, Cane holds a candle under his chin. The twins look mortified… A match starts a fire (not sure if it’s at the over-decorated Ashby home but let’s hope so; that place needs to be remodeled)