Tuesday, October 31st

When the boys step aside to discuss music bookings, Tessa and Mariah make small talk. When Mariah invites Tessa over for some girl time this week, Tessa casts a look at Noah and hesitates.

As Sharon hovers in the background, Faith pains a butterfly on Scott’s cheek (entertained by all the places he’s been, she now wants to be a journalist) Arriving with Chelsea and the kids, Nick takes Sharon aside to say he doesn’t want Faith around Scott (due to his recent arrest) When Faith wants the group to stay together instead of splitting up and meeting at CL’s later, Nick reluctantly agrees.

Coming out to find the kids all gone, Cane gets a text from Mattie (they’re at CL’s and will be home by 10) Cane turns the music off and sits to enjoy an old horror movie.

At home, Jack pours himself a drink and puts on the LP Ashley bought (with the song their Mother used to sing to him)

The kids are now all at CL’s – for now. Wherever Reed’s taking them next will be epic he promises.

Tessa doesn’t have any free time this week – her and Noah are going away next weekend. Reed then comes over to ask where Noah is – he wrote a couple of songs he wants to play for his friends but left his guitar at Underground. Let’s fix that, Tessa says.

Dina comes down to put the vinyl record in its sleeve and tucks it under her arm as she sneaks out. Jack’s puzzled to come back and find the record gone from the turntable.

Reed asks Noah if he can get the ket to Underground so he can go fetch his guitar. Cajoled by Tessa, Noah agrees to a quick in and out. Reed then ushers the gang out the patio door.

At CL’, Nick takes Scott aside to order him to stay away from his daughter. She’s Sharon’s daughter too, ignoring Nick, Scott goes over so Faith can take a selfie with him. Billy and Vikki are soon joined by the kids – and Victor (which gives Nick another reason to scowl)

Victor goes over to ask Nick about the cheap contract he has with a liquor supplier. He just bought that company and will be upping Nick’s price. Just business. That truce lasted long, Nick chuckles/shakes his head and thanks his Dad for the heads up. On the patio, Nick gripes to Chelsea about Scott – and his Dad trying to take Underground. I’d rather torch the place than let that happen. Sorry he’s in a bad mood, Nick leaves Chelsea to deal with the kids.