Tuesday, October 31st

Inside, Devon asks Mariah if she’s ready to hit the clubs. I’m feeling physically ill, she marches of (sick of watching Tessa and Noah) Are you OK? Sharon’s left puzzled as Mariah blows past her.

What if we get caught? It’s trespassing, Mattie worries. When Charlie tells her this is the coolest thing she’s ever done, Mattie gives the OK to bring the other kids in from the alley. But when Nick arrives, Reed texts the kids – abort mission. They then sneak out. Nick lights a match and puts a candle in a pumpkin on the bar, opens a beer and striking match after match, flashes back to various conversations – ‘I would rather torch the place than let that happen’

Ashley arrives at CL’s to summon Billy away with a nod of her head. That leaves Vikki to chat with her Father. She knows both he and Billy mean well but needs time to think about their offers. Ashley tells Billy that her lab tech’s results are in on the face mask. At the counter, Scott gushes about Faith. You won her over, Sharon smiles. Scott can’t argue with what Nick said – he might not be a threat to Faith but Zack is (and that might endanger the person he most cares about too – Sharon ~hug~

Leaving the twins in the back office, Reed goes to check Underground to see if Nick’s gone. Club’s empty, he goes back to report. What was that noise? Mattie asks. Dina creeps around the darkened bar.

Not wanting to be a third wheel, Devon leaves Tessa and Noah to enjoy their evening. Across the room, Sharon tells Scott not to worry ~kiss~ Also there, Ashley tells Billy that some companies have their products made overseas (where they aren’t regulated) They want to cut corners and cost – your face mask was rushed to market to beat Jabot. Who would contemplate such a risky act? Billy looks like he knows (as a forlorn Vikki turns off the lights and leaves BnS)

In Underground’s back office, the kids fret. Dina sits at the bar to ponder the LP she took from Jack’s house. She then pulls out an old photo (Brent Davis) Knocking over a lantern, kerosene spills onto the bar. Striking a match, Dina leaves it and the photo on the bar. After she walks out, fire quickly spreads. Back at the house, Dina puts the record back and goes up to bed. Not seeing her, Jack’s on the phone with Traci – Mother’s up in bed. Hanging up, he’s surprised to see the LP is back. Meanwhile, Underground is a raging inferno.

Next: Jordan scoffs – You’re a joke Hilary – you’re all hairspray and nail tips. Hilary tosses her drink in his face…. Jump in and tell me if that kiss meant something to you too, Mariah appeals to Tessa …. Firefighters restrain Cane as he shouts – please get them out!! Charlie, Mattie – are you in here!? Billy’s inside.