Friday, November 17th

Victor tells Abby a secret – he gets emotional too. Abby mentions him turning HER party into an announcement that Vikki is NE’s new COO. We had to keep it under wraps, Victor explains. You knew it would hurt me – I worked hard for your respect, Abby complains. Victor simply doesn’t think her capable of what Vikki is; he needs someone with experience to deal with these problems. Abby looks hurt and annoyed.

Sharon knows that Mariah’s avoiding Tessa and stalling Devon. Did you tell Tessa how you feel? Yes. How did it go? She politely told me to back off – she has a good thing going with Noah and just wants to be friends. Where does that leave Devon? Sharon wonders. Mariah’s not sure. Sharon doesn’t think she should lead Devon on. You need to be honest with him; about not reciprocating his feelings. Mariah knows her Mom’s right and will talk to Devon tomorrow.

Abby can accept that Vikki has more business experience but I haven’t bankrupted a successful company. Victor has to tell Abby something she won’t want to hear – the FBI has taken all of NE’s computers, seized our assets. You brought Zack to NE. Abby understands she bears some responsibility and won’t let it happen again (and marches out)

Tessa’s shocked by Sharon’s update. I guess Crystal felt she’d never be free of Zack emotionally. Scott arrives to tell Tessa that Crystal saved his and Abby’s lives. He wishes he knew where she went and isn’t sure Tessa will ever see her sister again.

Back at the house, Ashley and Jack are relieved to have one less family member to worry about. Abby doesn’t know that Dina stabbed Nikki but we can’t hide her away. Jack thinks there must be an expert who can help. Ashley fears it’s too late. Jack shuts her up – I don’t want to hear this. Ashley suggests they accept their ‘new normal’ and look for places who can help when the time is right. No way in hell will Jack ship his Mother off!

When Abby marches onto the CL’s patio, Scott assures that no one will ever know about their ‘tryst’. Abby’d forgotten about it and has no intention of telling anyone. It wasn’t a big deal – it was so tiny she hardly knew it was happening. Sharon comes out to snap – stop it, both of you!