Friday, November 17th

Our Mother’s only going to get worse – we won’t be able to take care of her, Ashley reasons. We have to be ready for what’s coming. Look at what happened with Nikki. That was a one-time incident, Jack tells Ashley to go on with her life – I’ll take care of Mother. She’s a vital, intelligent woman. For now, Ashley tears up – you’re a busy man. How will you manage work and taking care of Dina? She doesn’t want to fight. We need to be strong for our Mother. Ashley will drop it for now and revisit it when need be.

In Victor’s office, Neil ends a call and updates Victor that clients and vendors are uneasy with this dark cloud. Potential business partners are distancing themselves from NE. He suggests throwing another event to let Victor work his magic. The news just reported that Zack was killed by one of his girls. Rumour is that Victor had Crystal kill him. Shut this down! Victor orders.

Sharon can’t believe Scott and Abby can’t be civil after what they’ve just been through. We just rub each other the wrong way, Abby says and leaves Sharon to ask Scott how he is – really. Scott confides that he might be calling Sharon’s crisis line one of these days. When I was trapped, all I could think about was you, he claims. Sharon blathers on about how strong her feelings are for him but when asked what she said before their call was dropped, she doesn’t repeat her ‘I love you’. I said ‘be safe’, she lies.

Neil’s now at the station visiting Paul in an ‘official capacity’ – I need you to call a press conference to announce that NE had no ties to the alleged sex ring. Paul can’t say that – money was being funneled through NE. Victor, Abby and the company are implicated and will be investigated until we have the truth.

After checking on their Mother, Jack apologizes for getting upset with Ashley. She understands – we’ll both need to vent sometimes. She’s scared too. Jack realizes he’s been lying to himself. To have Dina back in their lives only to have her taken away. We’ll get through it. We have to tell the rest of the family. And how do we tell our Mother she has Alzheimer’s? he wonders.

Next: At the club’s bar, Jordan speaks into the camera (Hilary at his side) Dif you all know that Hilary Curtis isn’t actually Hilary Curtis? …. Victoria needs to be stopped, Abby declares. I’m in, Scott shakes her hand…. Mariah tells Devon – I’m not sure that I should be your girlfriend.