Monday, November 20th

I’m so happy to see you, Vikki surprises Abby with a hug (in Victor’s office) Her sisterly concern is short-lived however – I’m sure we can find a division where you can’t cause any trouble (Vikki’s now in full boss mode) I’d rather be locked in that storage unit again, Abby grabs her stuff and slams out. Bumping into Scott in the hallway, Abby tells him that she’s been demoted – for her own ‘protection’.

Devon tells Tessa that her EP sales are up – because of Crystal. He wants to get ahead of any blowback by doing some charity events and speak out against the horrors of sex trafficking.

At the revolving door, Mariah tells Hilary ‘nice interview with Vikki’. Sarcasm and that outfit are two things that don’t look good on you, Hilary quips (as the cameraman stands by) Your boyfriend and BFF are in there, she adds. When Mariah approaches the table, Tessa leaves her to talk to Devon. Over at the bar, the cameraman films from a distance as Hilary buys Jordan a beer; a peace offering. Exposing your fake ID’s was a low blow – but riveting TV. Why did you hang on to those fake ID’s? she asks. Spotting the cameraman, Jordan turns in his chair so he can get his ‘good side’ – while he shows off Hilary’s worst side.

Already getting comfy in Victor’s chair, Scott observes when he arrives at NE. It’s just temporary while my office is being refurbished, Vikki explains. She’s summoned Scott to discuss Hashtag. She doesn’t need his expose on her desk tomorrow; she’s shutting it and Hashtag down.

Hands on her hip, Nikki’s expresses her opposition to Dina being ‘coddled’. She already stabbed you in the back metaphorically – she stabbed me literally, she tells Ashley. Jack interrupts to say that they’ll handle this – Mother’s not getting off scott-free. Nikki assumed Dina blurting out Ashley’s paternity in public would prove she’s a bitch. Enough – Jack won’t let Nikki come here uninvited to speak about his Mother this way.

Scott won’t lay his staff off until he gets the word from Victor. Vikki makes it clear that SHE’S the one in charge of Scott’s division and whether (and in what capacity) he stays on is yet to be determined. I’ve been investigating this for months, Scott argues. Publishing this ‘sorry affair’ would damage the company, Vikki stands firm in protecting the image of NE and it’s employees. One story won’t save the world or your digital platform – this meeting is over, Vikki concludes.

Jack takes Ashley aside – let me speak to Nikki privately. OK, Ashley will go check on Mother and then come down and throw Nikki out. Rejoining Nikki, Jack’s scolded for speaking to her like Victor does. Maybe Jack now realizes why Victor has such a ‘short fuse’. Where’s that coming from? I’M the victim here, Nikki reminds and denies she came to ‘taunt’ Ashley about her paternity. She just wants them both to realize that Dina’s an evil, vicious woman. My Mother….Jack stammers – this conversation’s over. You’re throwing me out? Nikki’s surprised. Yes – and Jack’s also disinviting Nikki to Thanksgiving dinner. Stay away for the foreseeable future, he closes the door on her.

Is everything OK with you and Tessa? Devon gets a vibe that they had a falling out. No, Mariah wants to talk to Devon about their relationship – not Tessa. Mariah doesn’t know how to say this …. You can tell me anything, Devon smiles. You’re so amazing, open and generous, Mariah isn’t sure she should be his girlfriend.

The cameraman now filming from behind the bar, Jordan asks ‘are we rolling’? Getting the thumbs up, Jordan declines Hilary’s suggestion that they speak privately. OK then, Hilary wants answers about Jordan’s con artist past. Let’s talk about your past, Jordan claims they have something in common. Did you know Hilary Curtis is an alias? he says into the camera. Do you want to explain to your viewers? he challenges a ruffled Hilary.

Jack updates Ashley that he came close to telling Nikki the truth – but if he can’t say the word Alzheimer’s to Nikki, how can he tell his Mother? I already know all about that, Dina comes down to surprise him and Ashley.

Hilary barks at her confused cameraman – tell Theo that we lost the signal due to technical difficulties, an earthquake, whatever – GO!!!

Devon’s confused – you said you loved me but now you don’t anymore? Mariah can’t get a grasp on ‘love’; a word thrown around as a tool in the cult. I don’t do warm and fuzzy, touchy-feely. There’s a glitch in my Matrix. Devon knows Mariah’s capable of love and being loved. Mariah wanted their relationship to work so badly – you made me happy but you deserve more. Don’t fight me on this. Be honest, if you really loved me, you’d have said it back. You know this isn’t meant to be.