Monday, November 20th

Over at the bar, Hilary blasts Jordan for trying to flip the script on her. Too bad you cut the feed before I could tell your viewers how you conned the Winters family. That’s Lily’s version, Hilary claims. When Devon appears to ask if there’s a problem, Jordan gives Hilary credit for dumping men and reeling them back in. If you wreck someone’s life you better believe they’re gonna wreck yours.

Dina thinks herself pretty sharp if it took her kids this long to figure it out what she was diagnosed with a year ago. Jack’s stunned – why would you subject yourself to more tests then? Tests!? What tests?! Dina has both Jack and Ashley confused.

At the elevator, Scott tells Abby that his job’s in jeopardy too; he’s gotta go tell his staff. Abby praises his articles and thinks Hashtag was good for NE. Vikki’s on a power trip. Dad’s so happy she’s back he’s letting her do whatever she wants. When Scott agrees, Abby thinks they’re the only ones who can take Vikki down. I’m in, Scott shakes Abby’s hand. After an awkward pause, Abby announces that ‘taking down mutual enemies is our thing’. It’s the only reason I’d team up with you, Abby adds as she walks off.

Is everything OK? Tessa asks when Mariah returns to CL’s. Is everything ever OK? Mariah snaps – ask Devon if you want all the gory details, she marches out.

Hilary comes down to the bar to thank Devon for defending her to Jordan. Why the sad face? Mariah and I broke up, Devon confides. Hugging him, Hilary claims she’s genuinely sorry (but looks pleased with the news)

Scott’s now at Sharon’s. Power goes to Vikki’s head, Sharon knows from experience. There must be other outlets for your story. But now, it’s time for a relaxing massage. But when Scott kisses Sharon, he sees Abby’s face. Are you alright? Sharon asks. Yeah, but Scott doesn’t appear to be as he hugs Sharon.

Abby’s back in the office to confront Vikki – don’t get used to the chair. It’s only a matter of time before you fail again. You let your company fall to pieces, she continues – see you at Thanksgiving dinner. I’m bringing pecan pie. You bring ‘one of the humble variety’. Vikki’s left to roll her eyes as Abby struts out looking pleased with herself.

Dina doesn’t remember Dr Burgh or his tests. I’ll take dinner in my room thank you, she huffs off upstairs to leave Jack and Ashley infuriated that Graham took advantage of Dina’s condition. His last words were ‘good luck, you’ll need it’. Jack will do whatever it takes to give their Mother a good quality of life – starting with making this a Thanksgiving to remember.

Next: Happy Turkey day, Billy shows up at Jack’s with a pie … Excuse me, did you just call me a failed experiment? Abby snarls at Vikki (Noah and Tessa looking on) … What are you doing here? Victor asks when Nikki arrives. I came to spend part of the holiday with my family and I’m not alone, she smiles.