Monday, November 27th

Ordered to read the prepared statement verbatim, Abby’s dismissed; Victor and Vikki have business to discuss. Storming out, Abby runs into Scott – look at what I’m supposed to read. I’m to make myself look like a pathetic victim and announce to the world that everything that happened is due to my inexperience. The best part? Victoria Newman is now responsible for all future acquisitions. Newman business will once again be conducted to the highest standards. Abby can’t and won’t read this. Scott thinks she should – it just needs a little editing, he smirks.

Paul drops by Jack’s with bad news; Nikki wants to ‘let it go’ but the feds are charging Dina. Jack’s furious – is this something for Chris to campaign on? When Jack immediately apologizes, Paul understands that he’s under a lot of stress. Jack fears it’s even worse – Dina probably started the fire at Underground. But no, she won’t go to prison; here’s Dina’s medical file.

You think I stole the gun? Tessa bleats on the patio but interrogated by a furious Nikki soon admits she took the gun – but I didn’t know it was yours.

Now knowing that Dina has Alzheimer’s, Paul agrees – this changes things. Jack insists that nothing like this will happen again; no one will prosecute her on this. Paul’s sympathetic and agrees. He’ll recommend that all charges be dropped. No need for thanks, this is the right thing.

Outside Victor’s office, Vikki tells Lily that they need to play up Abby’s naivete to garner sympathy for her mistakes. Yeah, Lily wonders how Abby feels about this – she didn’t do any of this deliberately. Vikki agrees – then turns to wonder how Hilary made it past security. Hilary’s press so here for the press conference (which no way in hell Vikki’s inviting her to) Hilary then suggests Lily check the GC Buzz website for all the juicy dirt on her pal Jordan.

Seated at the club, Scott and Abby rework the statement. She’s sorry the expose won’t be published on Hashtag. Scott hints that he’ll find a way to get the story out. When they bicker about whether Abby can spell, Abby wonders why Scott’s even helping her. Because it can benefit both of us. Seeing a text come in from Sharon, Abby thinks he should go home for the special dinner she’s making for him. No way, Scott won’t let Abby do the press conference without backup. They then get back to work.

Arriving at the club, Jack greets Victor and assumes the press conference he’s off to has to do with Newman backing a sex trafficking organization. Tell your Mother to stay away from Nikki, Victor growls – then leaves after hearing that Jack’s no longer seeing her.

Seated on the patio, Tessa stole the gun so that Crystal could be safe. Nikki’s surprised to hear that she handed Tessa the password when they were organizing the benefit. Nikki’s not happy that Paul’s asking her about the gun. He knows Crystal’s your sister – you lived in my home – he probably already knows. Told that she could be in big trouble, Tessa’s worried. The next time your sister takes a sex trafficker off the streets, tell her not to drop the gun, Nikki hisses.

What the hell!? Lily joins Jordan at the club’s bar to accuse him of being a hypocrite for pretending to be more decent and righteous than Cane. Jordan just wanted to make Lily happy; his past doesn’t change that. When Hilary comes over, Jordan’s had enough of both of them. I left something for you to remember me by, he tells Hilary. What does that mean? Stay tuned, Jordan leaves both women to exchange a puzzled look.

The table now set with flowers, Sharon assumes that Scott got stuck in traffic or something. No, he’d never take me for granted. Good – he’d have to answer to me, Mariah leaves Sharon looking troubled.

When Abby arrives (with Scott) Vikki coaches her – be yourself; be emotional – you’ve been through a lot. I’ve got this, Abby smiles. As soon as Dad gets back from his meeting we’ll start, Vikki adds. I can wait, Abby continues to smile.