Tuesday, November 28th

Noah joins Vikki at Top of The Tower. She puts down her tablet to complain about Hashtag still being up and Scott and Abby hijacking the press conference. Abby was defending herself, Noah understands why she’d want to set the record straight. Vikki doesn’t understand Abby at all – she needs to be dealt with.

At home, Sharon rants about Abby once again dragging Scott into her drama. Yes, the story needed to be told but there are other outlets. This puts you in Victor and Vikki’s crosshairs. After what you’ve been through together, maybe it’s time you take a break from your partner in crime. Scott’s sorry he missed the special dinner Sharon made him – tonight he’s taking her to Top of the Tower for dinner and dancing. Easily won over, Sharon kisses Scott but is again fuming when Abby drops by to see Scott.

Devon’s looking at risque photos of Hilary on his phone when Charlie comes through the club’s revolving door to ask what he’s looking at.

At CL’s, Hilary’s on the phone with an advertiser who’s canceling their contract. I didn’t post those photos on the website! Hilary’s then faced with Chelsea’s sarcasm; you must be soooo embarrassed having your naughty bits posted for the world to see. No, I look hot, Hilary claims they’re ‘artistic’. Knowing she’s lying, Chelsea’s glad Hilary got the justice she deserves (for Jordan)

Getting a visit from Paul, Nick’s told that the fire WAS arson. How do we get the person? he’s frustrated. We don’t, Paul sighs.

Rolling her eyes as Abby and Scott chat, Sharon announces that the coffee beans aren’t gonna grind themselves. No, she doesn’t mind if they stay and hang out. Giving Scott a kiss, Sharon leaves Abby to wonder if she suspects anything. No, she thinks you’re a bad influence, Scott says. Both expecting to be fired today, Abby has an idea to thwart Vikki yet again.

Coming home to hear that Dina set the fire, Chelsea wonders why she won’t be charged. Because she’s rich and an Abbott, Nick interrupts Paul to say it’s ridiculous. Let me finish, Paul tells Nick that he’ll be getting a cheque from the insurance company – they accept that there’s extenuating circumstances. Dina has Alzheimer’s.

Charlie’s asked for this meeting with Uncle Devon to ask about a job within his music company. He hates what’s happened to his perfect family. Poor little Sam’s fighting for his life in Nic-U. Charlie feels like he’s disrespecting his Mom. Devon knows Lily would want him to care about the baby. Try not to let what’s going interfere with school, sports etc. be the best you can be – it’ll pay off, Uncle Devon’s sure.

When Hilary orders coffee and a salad, Sharon turns to go tell the ‘chef’. Just the coffee then, Hilary changes her mind. Though not appreciating Hilary’s rudeness in HER place of business, Sharon she saw the photos and is sorry for what she’s going through.

Nick and Chelsea are now all apologies, sorry pressuring Paul, sorry for Jack – and glad charges won’t be pressed. Now alone, Nick can’t imagine how awful it must be for Jack to realize what his Mother had done.

Sharon sits to have a word with Hilary; she has issues with her behavior and the way she treats Mariah but having worked with Scott to take down a sex trafficking ring she knows the horrors those girls endured and she works at a crisis hotline. Hilary quickly and strongly denies needing Sharon’s resources. I’m nobody’s victim.

Pulling his earbuds out, Charlie raves about a new song from one of Devon’s artists. Devon’s about to drive him to meet his friend at CL’s when Hilary calls. Yes, he’s seen the um… Yes, there is something Devon can do for her; I have a proposal for you.