Monday, November 27th

Phone in hand, Sharon wonders where Scott is.

Offering encouragement, Scott is at Abby’s side as Victor’s arrival signals Vikki to thank the press for coming and introduces Abby.

Mariah, Hilary, Lily and Jack are all seated at the club’s bar when Abby’s face fills the TV screen. Hilary’s phone goes off – followed by Mariah’s, Lily’s and Jack’s. Oh my – that’s a lot of nude photos of you, Mariah scrolls. Jordan!!! Hilary screeches.

Abby’s had time to reflect on what lead to the events. But there’s a matter I’d like to clear up – there’s been some confusion I’d like to clear up. We were ALL duped by a murdering criminal. I developed Zack’s app through my incubator project. My Father and I did our due diligence, never knowing we were being taken advantage of. My associate Scott Grainger and I have been portrayed as victims – but we see it as standing up to and exposing a violent criminal. She then talks of Vikki becoming COO after her inexperience caused her company to fail. She won’t get into all the details of the sex trafficking ring but you can find the story on Hashtag. Nobody on this side of the podium is responsible for what happened. Vikki and Victor are not happy.

Next: What’s the hold up? How are we going to get the person who torched my club? Nick’s frustrated. We don’t, Paul replies calmly…. Is there anything I can do for you? Devon asks into the phone. Can you meet me? Hilary responds – I have a proposal for you …. Abby glowers at a livid Vikki – I’ll save you the trouble of firing me. I quit.

My Thoughts: So if Paul, the Chief of Police doesn’t stop asking Nikki about her missing gun that was used in a murder, she’ll have a ‘problem’ with him?! Who does she think she is? It’s almost like she isn’t talking to a man who’s unborn child she killed by running his wife over with her car. Who does Nikki think she is? Victor wanted her to have and know how to use a gun because they lived ‘in the middle of nowhere’? That’s BS – they live in the middle of a gated compound with a security gate and cameras – and the property includes another 2 homes. It certainly doesn’t take long for anyone to drive into town from ‘the middle of nowhere’…. Sharon has good reason to look worried; Scott and Abby are far from done. It’s a bit odd that Abby keeps making veiled and derogatory references to Scott’s ‘size’ … It’s great that Jack told Paul that his Mother likely torched Underground – but is ‘likely’ enough to satisfy the feds and the insurance company? Who’s going to pay Nick? And how can Jack guarantee that nothing else will happen? Does he even know where his Mother is right this second? Maybe Dina woke up from her nap and climbed out the window. Paul should know how slippery and hard to contain mentally ill people are. Patty’s had more successful escapes than Houdini … Back to vigilantism – while I have no sympathy for Hilary whatsoever, Lily’s right; Jordan’s a hypocrite. Sending out the nude photos just lets everyone know that Hilary has an amazing body – and that no company should hire him and no woman should pose for him. After getting fired from BnS/NE you’d think texting unsolicited and unauthorized photos to the CEO of Jabot would not be wise… Mariah puts as much time and effort into flower arranging as Nikki used to in fluffing pillows. And I hope she doesn’t really think Scott would be afraid of ‘answering’ to her. Scott’s worked undercover for the feds and has somehow been kidnapped three times; by Sheila as a baby, in the Middle East and then briefly by Zack. I wonder if Lauren will find Abby a more suitable partner for her precious son.