Tuesday, November 28th

At NE, Scott and Abby see no problems if they stick to the plan. Vikki arrives to open the office door – shall we? Victor? He’s not here – I’ll be handling things. Abby’s first. Once in the office, Vikki scolds Abby for going off-script. Abby knows where this is going and before Vikki can fire her announces ‘I quit’.

After putting the boys to bed, Nick relays how protective Jack was of Dina. What if it was my Mom or Dad diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t like Victor but loves him. Are you reconsidering cutting him off? Chelsea wonders.

Devon arrives to order coffee from Sharon and ask how Mariah’s doing. You’re a good man, Sharon wishes him nothing but the best. He wants the best for Mariah too. He then goes to sit with Hilary (who promises it’ll be worth his while)

Not giving Scott a chance to speak to Abby, Vikki takes him in next. Yes, he’s quitting too. Handing over a generous severance cheque, Vikki appreciates him protecting Abby. Scott will take the cheque for the article he wrote; the kind of journalism NE should be proud of. Getting a text re: Power Communications, Vikki has Scott wait while she gets a text then makes a call – he’s with me right now – why?

Hilary lists all the reasons that Hamilton Winters should add her show to their repertoire. I can book your artists on my show. When Charlie and his pal start laughing across the room, Devon marches over to grab his friend’s phone. What are you looking at? You think that’s cool after the conversation we just had? These photos were uploaded without her consent. Women aren’t objects. After Charlie and his pal slink out, Devon apologizes to Hilary but won’t add her show to HWG – they’re busy with Power Communications and GC Buzz’s gossip show doesn’t fit with their mission statement. Hilary throws a hissy fit then collapses sobbing in Devon’s arms.

Outside Victor’s office, Abby gives Scott a cardboard box to pack his stuff. She’s not happy to hear that Vikki asked him to stay on and gave him a bonus because Power Communications called to say that his story on Hashtag is a hit. Was my name even brought up as you were getting a pat on the back? You get a raise while I get the boot?! Abby will never forgive or forget Scott double-crossing her.