Wednesday, November 29th

At her desk, Gloria taunts Hilary over the phone. Unable to book an ‘urgent lunch date’ with Jack, Hilary hangs up in anger. Mariah comes over with bad news – sponsors and guests are bailing out (because of the nude photos no doubt)

Jack opens the door for the guys delivering a ‘humungous’ Christmas tree – telling Ashley he wants to make it the best Christmas ever for their Mother.

Accosting Charlie at CL’s, Lily asks if he really thought he could avoid her (which he’s clearly trying to do)

Dina comes down to find Jack working on the tree. He wants a big old-fashioned Abbott Christmas. Dina doesn’t share his fond memories and goes into the kitchen to have breakfast alone. Ashley gives Jack a supportive hug and leaves for the office.

Lily scolds Charlie for oggling Hilary’s photos with his friend – she’s having her privacy violated over and over again. She knows he’s curious but the women in photos he looks at online are someone’s sister. Charlie doubts Mattie would let a guy take advantage of her like that. Lily did (then tells him that she met an older guy in an online chatroom) I gave him my virginity – he gave me an STD. Grossed out, Charlie gets it and agrees to apologize to Hilary.

Jack continues to force merriment and memories of Christmas past on Dina (who was never into it as much as Maime) Here’s your favourite ornament, Jack chirps. Dina wouldn’t know the difference if he just bought them today. Jack leads her over to hang the tree. There – are we done? Dina huffs.

Behind Jack’s desk, Ashley’s numerous orders rub Gloria the wrong way. Slow down, she scribbles. Ashley’s doing things differently and doesn’t need to call Jack. I’m in charge – deal with it.

Jack and Dina continue to get on one another’s nerves. She couldn’t care less. Merry Christmas to you too, he shouts as she marches off – then steps on a glass ornament.

Gloria tells Ashley that Jack has his own system (which Ashley thinks a mess) Ravi arrives to take a seat at the laptop to help her find a file. Gloria defends Jack – he’s never let his work slide; there’s more than one way to do things. Ignoring her, Ashley thanks Ravi for being a lifesaver.

Lily likes that the kids are hanging out with their Dad again. She saw them at the club but it would have been too awkward if she joined them. How is Dad anyway? Ask him, Charlie leaves his Mom to think.

Phyllis tries not to roll her eyes as Ashley continues to praise Ravi. When Gloria arrives to take notes, Ashley snaps that she can take her own. Gloria taking a seat, Phyllis relays Lauren’s issue with a trucking company. Jack was going to expand Jabot’s transportation. Ashley again complains that Jack’s let things slide.

Dina now in a better mood, Jack allows her to have a little alcohol with her medication.