Tuesday, November 28th

Sharon arrives at Top of the Tower dressed to impress. When Scott arrives seconds later, manager Noah tells them to take any table – anything I need, I’ve got you guys covered. Scott twirls Sharon around to get a good look. She watches his ‘backside’ while he walks to the table. Seeing Abby arrive, Scott needs a minute to speak to her – and watches from the table as he tells Abby to go get her job back.

Devon’s brought Hilary back to the club for a drink. He knows the photos are bothering her more than she’s letting on. Hilary feels violated. I’m a control freak, she tears up. I can’t fix this. She took the photos off the website but they’re out there forever. Will she have to explain this to her future kids? Maybe it’s karma for ‘exposing’ people. Devon thinks this could be the moment everything changes; Hilary can put positivity into the universe.

Walking Hilary to the staircase, Devon hopes she feels better – you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Happy to be here for you. Yes – we are friends, Devon he agrees then watches her butt as she walks up the stairs.

Chelsea opens an invitation from Victor to a tree lighting at the ranch. Nick notes that it’s addressed to her, Connor and Christian only. He knows his Dad won’t change his mind. Then I’m not going, Chelsea decides. To heck with Victor; we’ll have our own tree and party ~kiss~

When Noah comes over to ask his Mother how her date’s going, Sharon nods her head towards the bar; where Scott’s telling Abby that he needs a platform to fight injustice. One injustice he can’t fix is the way Abby’s family have treated her. Abby changes her mind about being unable to forgive and forget. Back at the table, Noah assures Sharon that nothing’s going on between Scott and Abby – he’s crazy about you. Sharon thinks it time she show Scott that she’s crazy about him too.

Next: What’s wrong? Lily asks as Cane packs up his coat in a hurry. It’s Sam’s doctor – he says it’s serious…. Jack claims he’s trying to make things a bit more festive around here. Frankly, I could care less, Dina snaps…. I’m in charge, Ashley updates Gloria – deal with it.

My Thoughts: Maybe Devon should finish his descent down the stairs before drooling over nude photos of his ex-wife …. So it is Nick’s insurance company that will pay him for the club Dina set on fire. That really US ridiculous. Alzheimer’s should be used by her attorney in her defense – of CRIMINAL charges. If she’s not mentally fit to stand trial, she’d be ruled not of sound mind and incarcerated (for her own safety and others) in the same kind of facility Paul’s own sister resides in. If this kind of thing was a thing, insurance rates would be even higher than they already are … Ha ha ha ha – my sides – this show is killing me today. Are we expected to believe that Sharon has a Micheline chef hidden in CL’s back room? Who’s doing the dishes? A ceramic engineer? …. Things get even more pants-on-head crazy when Sharon claims to have ‘worked’ with Scott to ‘take down’ a sex trafficking ring. Really? Has Leon been arrested? Has Sharon been asked to come to the station to ID him? What horrors did Sharon see exactly? And who could possibly see Hilary as a victim? She feels ‘violated’ over Jordan’s photos. At least she posed for them willingly. I imagine Cane felt equally violated when being drugged into unconsciousness and having his body posed for photos that were sent to Lily … Wait, what? Noah said he had everything Sharon and Scott want ‘covered’ – which should mean he’s comping their bill. So why is Sharon joking that she’ll order the most expensive items on the menu because Scott got a big bonus? And he’s saying ‘anything you want’ like he’s paying for it … If Hilary’s nude photos are the first thing that comes up when someone searches her name online she should fire her web development team. They should only appear first if someone typed her name + nude photos. And if Hilary’s such a ‘control freak’ why isn’t she addressing the security flaws that enabled her server to be hacked into?