Wednesday, November 29th

On the balcony, Hilary gets another call with bad news – her commercial’s being pulled off the air because of a threatened boycott. Charlie arrives to apologize. Both his Uncle and Mom defended Hilary. Somewhat surprised, Hilary admits she should have known better. Posing for the pics seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a mistake.

Dina and Jack reminisce about John (until she forgets his name) Jack changes the subject to his wedding to Phyllis in this room. Dina remembers a beautiful Christmas wedding. Wait, was I here? She’s sorry she missed so much. Jack wonders if his memories of decorating together are accurate. We can make this an amazing Christmas, he sends his Mother up to nap.

Ashley raises her voice at Gloria about Jack keeping info from her. No – you will NOT talk to Jack about this. Ravi returns to see both sides and offer to help. Phyllis’ offer to contact Jack is rudely rejected also. No more deferring to Jack. Who are you texting?! Ashley is furious to see that Gloria’s been texting Jack updates the whole time. Brushing Ravi off, Ashley storms out of the office to take care of something.

With Lily at CL’s, Cane approves of the way she handled things with Charlie. Yes, she could have updated him on the phone. How’s Sam? Still fighting. Cane and Ester are working on the nursery. Now running CI, Cane’s relieved to put the past behind him. Lily doesn’t look pleased.

Still at odds with Phyllis and Ravi, Gloria marches off. Phyllis liked the way Ravi defended Ashley. She sees me as just a loyal employee, he sighs and wonders why. She has a lot on her mind – give her time, Phyllis encourages. Ravi can’t wait forever. Sometimes you have to walk away.

Dina comes down to ooh and ahh over all the decorations. Indeed it looks a lot like Christmas, Jack sneaks off to thank Mrs Martinez for her help. Ashley comes home to declare the decor fabulous but Jack’s only getting coal in his stocking from her.

It’s 4 o’clock already, Cane notes. Getting a call, he needs to go see Sam’s doctor right away. Lily hopes everything will be OK (and is left to look depressed)

Hilary’s again on the phone defending herself – she’s taking her show in a new direction and will no longer focus on gossip. This will blow over, she assures Barry. Thanks for nothing! she says after he’s hung up. She then asks Mariah where she got the soda and muffin – do you have any idea how much that stuff costs? The show’s in trouble isn’t it? Mariah guesses.