Wednesday, November 29th

Ashley scolds Jack (who admits he’ll check in with Gloria from time to time) Dina tells them to stop arguing – it’s Christmas Eve. As Jack pours more eggnog for himself and Dina, Ashley texts Abby to go out to dinner. No, Abby already has plans.

Ravi tells Gloria that he’s going home to a frozen dinner and TV. Gloria thinks that sounds nice – her social calendar is full. Now alone, Ravi’s stunned to get a text from Ashley – giving him a room number at the club – ‘just bring your toothbrush’.

Mariah guesses the nude photos have ruined any credibility Hilary had. Do I need to start looking for a new job? Should I cancel my ski trip? No – Hilary lies; she has a lunch date with Jack and is sure he’ll sponsor the show. Mariah can get onboard or go have free snacks at her Mom’s coffee shop. Mariah will start booking guests.

Dina now remembers the ornament she helped Jack make – I told you to spell Jacky with a ‘y’ not an ‘ie’. Her memory will come and go – when I become too difficult to handle, I want you to know ‘I love you, now and always’. And I love you, Jack hugs his weepy Mom.

Ravi finds the door to the suite at the club ajar. Ashley appears in a lingerie and carrying drinks. Don’t say a word, just get undressed, she coos.

Lily’s at GCM to see if Sam’s OK. He’s not, the doctor says the medication’s not working anymore. I should prepare for the worst – Cane walks away to take a seat in the lounge.

Next: Ashley scolds Victor – After everything Abby’s been through; how dare you push her out of a job!? …. I want to ask Scott to move in with me (Sharon’s asking Nick for his thoughts) … A woman comes to Scott with an on-air job – based in New York