Tuesday, December 12th

Hilary and Cane arrive at CL’s praising one another for the great interview they just finished taping. Coffee’s on Cane – then he has something to take care of; something more important than work.

Crossing paths while jogging through Chancellor Park, Nick claims he doesn’t have anything in common with Billy – until he hears how much Billy enjoys the park and supports Nick’s ‘little crusade’ to save it. Guess we DO have something in common, Nick jogs off.

JT’s not here for revenge against Victor – he took a temporary job with great perks; an all expense trip to the US to see Reed. Yes, Mac’s fine with it, he’ll be home Christmas Eve. This assignment will look great on JT’s resume. Vikki knows her Father will never forgive JT for taking Reed away. JT’s only concern is that things are fine between him, Vikki and Reed. He hopes they can all spend some time together. When Vikki asks if JT can share anything he’s found, she’s told about recent and sizeable cash transfers sent from Victor’s personal account to an anonymous offshore account. Someone’s trying to hide something. Vikki should prepare herself for what JT might find.

While Phyllis is trying to conduct a business meeting, Billy keeps distracting her with risque text messages from the bar. ‘Bad boy’ she mouths at him.

Meanwhile, on the patio, Lily’s convinced Abby that she needs to give Scott an ultimatum; her or Sharon. After Abby leaves for a meeting, Lily goes inside for a refill. Hilary’s delighted to inform her that she just missed Cane – we just did an interview. No, Lily wasn’t aware that Wallstreet Financial has named Chancellor as it’s company to watch in 2018. Maybe Cane doesn’t think you’d care, Hilary implies that Lily should go talk to him.

Strolling through the park, Vikki stops to congratulate Cane on his good fortune; Sam’s doing well and so is Chancellor. There’s room for both our companies, Vikki insists she’s sincere and just wants to move forward. Mentioning NE’s connection to the sex ring, Cane won’t easily forgive those who kicked him when he was down. Now that he’s back on top those people should watch out. Vikki’s left to look worried.

Seeing her buyer to the revolving door, Phyllis comes back to the bar to scold Billy for sending her ‘graphic’ texts. Whispering something in his ear, Phyllis is almost talked into getting a suite upstairs when Lauren’s text summons her away. With some more whispering and hints of things to come later, Phyllis goes to meet Lauren. Billy’s left to order a much-needed pitcher of ice water.

Vikki’s summoned JT to her place. She agrees they should put the investigation aside for Reed’s sake. He should be here any minute. Let’s keep things casual – order from that Chinese place you like. As she goes to get the menu, JT thanks her – this means a lot.

Lily drops by the estate to congratulate Cane on being recognized in the news. I was just in the middle of something – can you give me a minute? Cane leaves Lily standing in the foyer as he goes to sit on the couch with a young lady. Now, where were we? he asks.