Thursday, December 14th

We need to talk, Abby marches onto the patio to confront Scott – about that kiss. Not here (Sharon’s here). Lead the way, Abby follows Scott out. Inside, Mariah watches them leave. Sharon pours coffee and wonders where Scott went. Mariah wonders too.

At a table with Reed, JT wonders why he’s getting the cold shoulder. Denying his Mom said anything, Reed whines about being shoved aside in favour of Mac and his other kids. You didn’t even ask me about moving to Poland. JT admits he could have handled that better – buy you were never an afterthought. Reed would have liked to hear it from his Dad that he was coming to GC to investigate his family. JT insists that he does want his son with him.

Seated across the room, Mattie asks her Dad what Mr Hellstrom’s like. He’s a stand-up guy, Cane then talks about the selfless Mac carrying/delivering her and Charlie. They agree Cane might like Reed more if he thought of him as JT and Mac’s kid (not Vikki’s)

Easy on the sugar, JT scolds Reed. He then tries to find common ground by explaining that he too played guitar and dated a girl whose parents hated him (Lily’s friend Colleen) He then offers to help smooth things out with Cane. When Mattie and her Dad come over, call-me-JT jokes that he’s not as old as Mattie’s Dad. He’ll drop the kids off later (and thanks Cane again for helping with Reed) Go easy on him; He’s a better kid than I was.

Vikki comes home to grumble at Billy (who’s used his emergency key to get in to play video games) She’s also not happy about Cane being named ‘the one to watch in 2018’ but has more pressing concerns; the audit. Billy’s advice; do whatever you need to do to get JT to drop the audit. Yes, seduce him.

Coming through the revolving door, Billy is met by Phyllis (now having time for elevator sex) They join JT and Cane being all ‘buddy buddy’ at the bar. After exchanging quips with Billy, Cane leaves JT to buy drinks for Phyllis and Billy (she’s enjoying herself but he’d obviously rather be anywhere else)

Clearing tables, Sharon gushes about the wonderful Scott and suspects the reason Mariah’s questioning their relationship is that she’s cynical about love. You too will find the right person, she’s sure.

At the park, Abby refuses to be Scott’s dirty little secret. She won’t be the other woman. Scott’s not asking Abby for anything. He lives with and loves Sharon.

When JT brings Reed home, Vikki’s pleased that they’re making amends (and that Reed finally called his Dad) I didn’t, Reed leaves JT to explain that Cane made the call as a favour. He’s somewhat taken aback when Vikki invites him to stay for a drink.

This is the most committed relationship Scott’s ever been in; he doesn’t want to hurt Sharon and regrets what happened in the storage unit with Abby. The residual spark between him and Abby must be extinguished. Scott’s sorry if he hurt or lead Abby on. The only way to avoid combustion between us is for you to stay the hell away from me! Abby marches off.

Over a bottle of wine, Vikki makes idle chit-chat before hypothetically asking JT if he could end the investigation if the guilty party were regretful and willing to make amends. JT can’t make any promises. Are you asking if I can keep you out of prison?