Thursday, December 14th

Returning to CL’s, Scott’s confronted by Mariah (who wonders if he was kissing Abby at the park again, for everyone to see) No – that’ll never happen again, Scott vows. Oh, I know it won’t, Mariah glares.

Scott has no right to ask – but please don’t tell Sharon. She won’t hear it from me, but Mariah won’t let her Mom get hurt. If Scott steps out of line one more time, he’ll answer to Mariah (who just kidnapped a woman for someone she barely knows – Imagine what I’ll do to protect my Mom)

Now seated at a table, Phyllis teases Billy – are you jealous that maybe JT found me attractive? Billy’s problem is that JT wasn’t acting like he’s married to Mac.

Vikki comes clean – Nikki’s the one who transferred the money. It has nothing to do with the sex ring, Victor doesn’t even know. Mom feels so guilty – can you make sure she’s not punished for this? JT’s sorry but he can’t protect Nikki; she’ll have to pay the consequences.

My Thoughts: With all the spying Phyllis and Billy have done and been victims of, you’d think they’d forego elevator sex. Especially at Jabot – their elevators are breaking down all the time. And what about the poor employees who have to step into that small, enclosed space after them? … Does Vikki think for one minute that Nikki being sorry and regretful will get her off the hook for stealing millions of dollars from Victor? And why does she think she’s entitled to do that? Was it after Victor stole Nick’s money? Maybe the Newmans are just moving the same 500 million around like a hot potato. I’m assuming Kevin’s involved but have no idea why he’d risk angering Victor for Nikki …. I still chuckle that Mariah thinks she’s so fearsome; that Scott would be afraid of her or the threat of being kidnapped. He’s been kidnapped three times! Once in the Middle East! …. Of course Abby has no desire to go for drinks with her ‘galpal’ Mariah. The only interaction they’ve really had is Mariah stalking Abby when she was engaged to Tyler. Weird that Abby didn’t mention that… Why wouldn’t Mac have been able to come to GC for a quick visit. You’d think the twins would be interested to meet the woman who gave birth to them… Why would Billy care if Cane runs his Mom’s business into the ground? Just yesterday he was telling Phyllis that he had enough money to support them both if she quit.