Friday, December 15th

Abby taps, fiddles, slurps, then annoys Vikki even more by asking about JT’s investigation. Victor then barges in demanding answers on who transferred his funds – before JT finds out.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki warns Kevin that it’s about to come out that she transferred Victor’s funds to an offshore account – your role will be discovered too, she warns.

At the station, Paul and Chris are eager to get JT’s report; we’re counting on you to wrap up this investigation.

A helicopter has dropped Jill and all her gifts and luggage off at the estate. It’s only money, Billy shrugs it off as Ester comes in to relay the neighbour’s complaints. He’ll go get the rest of Jill’s things and send the chopper off.

Traci’s back home for Christmas with her siblings. Jack’s more interested in the fawning puff-piece published on Cane/CI. Jabot needs to make a splash, Jack wants to get the attention of the entire industry. He’s far too busy with work and Mother to join his sisters for lunch.

Kevin’s off to get Bella and escape town. I knew this was going to happen, he frets (then flashes back to telling Nikki that Victor’s looking into her accounts – and her hiring Kevin to siphon off Victor’s money to one of her offshore accounts. Please do this for me, she’d pleaded) Nikki now believes she might have a way to save them from being exposed.

Vikki murmurs that the theft seems to be a personal vendetta. When Scott arrives, Abby bows her head and shrinks into her chair. Vikki and Victor decide that Scott and Abby must work together on finding out who outbid him on Chancellor Park.

Jill laughs upon hearing that Billy bought Phyllis a horse named Philly. She’s enjoyed her ‘bucketlist’ adventure. Billy claims to have learned his lesson. Jill’s not convinced but knows she and John are partly to blame for spoiling Billy. What Dina’s going through – and the suffering Jill’s seen on her travels has brought her to a decision; she’s selling Chancellor to spend her life helping those in need.