Friday, December 15th

Jack’s invited Cane over to toast to his success, with eggnog. He quickly gets to the point. Hearing that CI has purchased a skincare line, he’d like to collaborate. Too late – Cane’s already making a deal with Jabot’s competition. He hasn’t forgotten that Jack refused to hire him when he was down and out. Thanks for the eggnog, a jaunty Cane leaves Jack grimacing.

Billy and Cane exchange a few half-hearted insults/jokes, then smile as Jill admires a photo of Sam. Yes, Cane’s proud of what he’s accomplished and thanks Jill for trusting in him. Jill then delivers news that concerns both Billy and Cane; she’s thinking of selling Chancellor (to spend her life helping people in need)

Scott and Abby have no idea who now owns Chancellor Park (but are sent off to find out) That leaves Victor to ask Vikki who might have it out for him. Nick? No, Vikki’s sure. Victor must find out who the guilty party is

Back at the station, Chris and Paul hover over JT. If you think this is too close …. seeing Vikki again must make the job harder, Chris hedges. Paul’s sure JT can remain professional (which JT agrees with)

In the park, Kevin and Nikki continue to panic. Her phone going off, Nikki warns Kevin to pack his and Bella’s bags.

At Top of The Tower for lunch, Traci and Ashley worry about both Dina and Jack.

Billy’s at Jack’s to update that Jill’s thinking of selling CI. Relaying Cane’s visit, Jack certainly IS interested in putting in a bid for CI. Look after Dina, he says over his shoulder as he runs out.

This is where we kissed, Abby points out at the park – but denies she’s jealous – she’s just angry that Vikki has her working with Scott – and knows that she’s suspicious. My Dad is expecting results so let’s come up with a plan so we don’t have to spend time together, Abby decides.

At the club, Vikki reassures Nikki that they still have a chance to sway JT. Taking a seat across from JT, Nikki basically throws herself at his mercy. She’s ashamed to realize she started to act like Victor. JT believes that Nikki’s sincere. No one’s sorrier than he is that he must turn her in.

Back from visiting Sam, Cane questions Jill’s decision to sell CI. Let me run the company. There’ll be enough profits for Jill to help others. He wants his kids to be proud of him. Jill will take everything Cane’s said into consideration.

Get out of town as soon as you can, Nikki calls to warn Kevin. She’s still furious at what he did to her but is sorry she dragged him into this. Kevin wishes Nikki the best.

JT wants to go over his report with Chris and Paul; there’s a few surprises.