Monday, December 18th

At the club, Nikki’s distracted by thoughts of being locked up in an orange jumpsuit as Nick blathers on about his great rally at the park. Yes, of course, I’m OK, Nikki’s just ‘having one of those days’. Nick thinks it more than that – what’s going on?

Victor’s at home instructing a staff member as she polishes the silverware. He wants the finest china, Marquis candlesticks and a single red rose. It’s a special evening for a special guest.

At the tense Abbott home, Traci tries to referee the ‘ridiculous’ Ashley and Jack (who argue through Traci until both are standing and shouting) Ashley only wishes she had called this board meeting months ago. Traci will listen to both sides before taking one (like everyone else at the meeting)

The Baldwins are at CL’s. Both think Lauren’s in a good position to make some ‘strong’ suggestions at the board meeting.

At the club, Billy knows his decision today will piss someone off. Your vote can determine the future of your company and your family, Phyllis points out. No pressure, Billy’s clearly not looking forward to the board meeting.

Traci works hard NOT to appear to be on either Jack or Ashley’s ‘side’ (as they continue to argue) Dina comes down to order ‘enough!’ – before her bridge club arrives. She hasn’t ‘lost it’ YET and knows when her kids are hiding something. Ashley confesses that she’s called a board meeting. Oh, a confidence vote on Jack – because I’m sick, Dina cries. As Traci takes Dina upstairs, Ashley and Jack end things on a bad note.

Seconds later, Jack’s in the boardroom (where Gloria’s got everything in order and is optimistic that the board wants stability) It could go either way though. Jack realizes he must do some campaigning.

Ashley arrives at Jabot for a whispered chat with Ravi; she worries Jack will win. I can’t let him.

Back at the penthouse, Nikki agrees with Nick that Victor would never knowingly back a sex ring. But, the investigation led to questionable activity in Victor’s personal accounts. I did it, Nikki finally manages to interrupt Nick – I embezzled the money from your Father.

Ravi tells Ashley about his Christmas gift to her; a trip (with him) to Hawaii. Ashley can’t – she’s unintentionally leading him on; using Ravi as a distraction. I was a diversion, Ravi sighs. Yes, a sexy, incredible diversion, Ashley knows he deserves more. Will you take that job at Newman after all? Ravi’s not sure.