Friday, December 15th

Back at the office, Victor rants ‘n raves about who’d have the audacity to steal his money. If it’s not Nick, it must be Jack. It was Mom, Vikki comes clean. She tried to clean this up but JT won’t let that happen. Victor sighs – he’ll handle it but needs the details. Chris calls. Thanks for letting me know, Victor hangs up to update Vikki that the transfer was a banking error. JT must have changed his mind. Vikki now worries what Victor has in store for Mom; she’s in agony over this. Victor will be the one to tell Nikki that she’s in the clear.

Abby’s not happy that Scott’s followed her to the club’s bar. She’s not pining over him – we’re wrong for each other. This project is the only thing we need to work on. We need to eat something, Scott says (then is left alone to mutter; I guess we’re done for the day)

No, Jack can’t just go buy a company as big as CI on a whim, Ashley assures Traci.

Meanwhile, Jack’s at the estate telling Jill that he’s looking after his Mother and running Jabot. Asking Jill to sell him CI, Jack admits that Billy told him. Jabot would take good care of CI. They then clink coffee mugs over Katherine; may she rest in peace. Jill thinks she’s approve.

Summoned to NE by Victor, JT bumps into Vikki in the hallway. She thanks him for doing the right thing (not tattling to Chris and Paul about Nikki) When Vikki wonders why he did her this great favour, Victor comes out to save JT from answering.

Jack writes down his offer on a Christmas napkin. Jill will mull it over.

Jack can’t make unilateral decisions like this, Ashley fumes. Traci suggests they sit down and talk it through. It’s too late for that. Ashley wants a board meeting called for first thing in the morning.

Over a drink in the office, Victor reminds JT that they didn’t part on the best terms. But Victor’s grateful now and doesn’t want JT to tell Nikki that she’s been cleared. I want to convey that news to her myself, he grins.