Monday, December 18th

Jack’s at the club trying to get Billy on his side. He’s not even mad that Billy used his Mom’s password to access Jabot’s files. You owe me. Look at my record; my successes. There’s only one logical outcome here, Jack insists.

Ashley’s now at the club to woo Billy; reminding him that Jack badmouthed him to the hockey producers. Billy’s glad Jack no longer hates him. Ashley feels this is necessary for the good of our company, our family – we must take the title of CEO away from Jack.

Jack’s with Abby at CL’s. He’s trying not to take this personally and reminds that he supported and believed in Abby. You’ll always have a job at Jabot.

It’s Ashley’s turn to bend Abby’s ear. She’s not punishing Jack; your Uncle’s been making bad decisions. At the end of the day, Jack might be grateful to have this decision taken out of his hands.

I saved Fenmore’s. Sure Jack gave Lauren no choice but to let him invest in her store – but it’s been a good partnership, he feels. Lauren hints that she might lean Jack’s way if he puts more money towards marketing her brick and mortar stores.

Continuing to follow in Jack’s footsteps, Ashley stuns Lauren with the news that Jack plans to purchase CI. He didn’t mention that to you? Jack won’t abide by any agreement you’ve made with him – he won’t keep his word. We must take action now. Jack is the devil Lauren knows. Yes, but Ashley promises to make Fenmore’s her top priority once she’s CEO.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis guesses Jack’s not confident he has the votes. Yes, and that’s why Jack has a favour to ask.

That’s a lot of money. No, Nick’s not disappointed in his Mom, he’s impressed. How did you manage that? An opportunity presented itself, Nikki’s vague. She wanted to take power away from Victor. Now I might be arrested. Nick doesn’t want to know who helped Nikki, but they must have covered your tracks. JT already knows, Nikki updates that there’s nothing he can do to help her. There’s no escaping this.

Ravi again bumps into Ashley. He’s decided to stay at Jabot because he enjoys working with Ashley and their work environment. Relieved, Ashley will work to preserve that environment.

Traci, Abby and Billy are on one side of the table, Lauren and a gentleman on the other side. Ashley arrives with paperwork to note that Jack’s late. On cue, Jack arrives to ask Gloria to bring in another chair for their latest board member; Phyllis. Yes, I can do that. This board needs someone with expertise in ‘e-commerce and digital’. Gloria makes a big show of wheeling in a chair. Billy sends Phyllis a text – what are you doing?

Jack rambles on; he doesn’t need this job, the money or prestige – he’s here to fulfill a promise to his Father and further his legacy. Billy text Phyllis again – ‘Naughty librarian’ is a hot look. Jack blathers on about renovating the lab so that Ashley can create there. He couldn’t realize his Father’s dream without his sister. Ashley takes her turn to remind of Jack’s decisions based on personal vendettas; his kneejerk decision to buy CI. Jack can’t run Jabot from home. Sandra called yesterday; apparently, Dina walked in on their video conference. Jack asks Ashley to stop – again. Fine, Ashley moves to vote; no confidence.

Nikki doesn’t see a way out of this. Chris wants to see Victor prosecuted for this sex ring. I don’t look good in orange. Nick’s scared for his Mom. Nikki then gets a text from Victor; he’s requesting she come by for a matter of ‘mutual interest’. Dad only looks out for himself, Nick wants to go too. No, Nikki must do this alone.

That’s one vote ‘no confidence’, Ashley frowns at Lauren and Phyllis when they vote for Jack to stay. Abby votes ‘no confidence’; Mom made some good arguments (she won’t change her decision despite Jack’s objections) Jack also has harsh words when Billy votes no confidence. It’s now down to Traci; she’s concerned about how much Jack’s taken on but has confidence in her brother. It’s now a tie.