Monday, December 18th

As Nikki’s shown into the dining room, Victor appears with a glass of carbonated water for her and wine for himself. He wanted to create a moment in time. Nikki finds a scarf on the table; the one Victor gave her before they jetted off to see the Northern nights. A romantic manipulation, she recalls as Victor holds a chair out for her. Nikki sniffs the single rose and barely notices that she’s a fly caught in Victor’s web. He thinks Nikki should take up needlepoint; it’ll come in handy – in prison.

How to break the tie, all banter around the boardroom table. Jack won’t back down – there aren’t enough votes to remove me. Gloria steps in to say that Kyle’s vote just arrived by courier. Gloria opens the envelope and hands the paper over; no confidence. I can’t believe it, she bleats – you’ve been voted out Jack.

Nick thanks Mike for coming over to discuss his Mom ‘not doing anything wrong’ and being ‘scared to death’. She has reason to be, Mike’s no comfort.

Victor rehashes making a list of the enemies who might have transferred his money. He’ll keep Nikki out of prison if she returns to this house; this marriage – ‘on MY terms’. Otherwise, he calls the police.

My Thoughts: Why is Nikki’s fate in Victor’s hands? She admitted to committing a felony. What basis does JT have for his finding that she’s ‘off the hook’? If this huge money transfer is being blamed on a banking error, has the bank been notified? Has someone been fired for this fictitious mistake? How corrupt are these banks? … When did Dina find time to organize a bridge club? Or is it a figment of her imagination and she’s wrong in claiming that she hasn’t lost it, yet. Is Traci just going along with Dina? It doesn’t seem like any Abbott’s are home to keep an eye on her or her bridge club. Everyone’s too busy voting Jack out of Jabot. Kyle’s such a forgettable character that I don’t even remember why he’s pissed off at his Dad. That said, with all this talk of family and making this the best Christmas for his Mother, why hasn’t Jack mentioned or reached out to Kyle?