Tuesday, December 19th

Now home, Phyllis forces a conversation on how Billy feels about her voting against him (and in favour of Jack) Billy believes Phyllis is throwing her ex a bone – you feel guilty for falling in love with his sexier brother. Denying he’s jealous, Billy refuses to let the vote or any negativity make it past their front door.

Also now at home, Ashley implores Jack to accept the board’s decision. Jack will not ‘let it go’. As far as he’s concerned, it’s business as usual.

Devon thanks Sharon for letting him put his toy donation box at CL’s. On cue, Hilary arrives loaded down with gift bags; just doing her little part. She’s also promoting the toy drive online. When Sharon suspects the motive is much-needed good publicity, Hilary doesn’t see that as a bad thing (but believe it or not, she’s also thinking of others)

Cane ends a business call to answer Sam’s doctor’s call. Is everything OK??? he’s worried.

An unhappy looking Nikki rings the ranch doorbell. I’ve been expecting you, welcome back, Victor doesn’t look much happier.

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Sending Sharon to fetch coffee, Hilary tells Devon that she’s made it clear her staff and followers are to donate generously. She knows this cause is important to Devon. Sharon returns to look amused as Hilary’s gushing about baby Sam. As Devon shows Hilary to the door, he’s disappointed when she ignores the mistletoe above. Sharon continues to make weird faces.

Jack has no intention of stepping down as CEO or handing the reigns to Ashley but he WILL leave her to watch Mother. And where is Jack going? Anywhere Ashley’s NOT! he marches out.

Vikki out of town, Victor’s sure she’ll be happy to hear that her parents are back together. Nikki’s snide and sarcastic in making it clear that she’s only there to avoid arrest. Victor prefers to have Nikki here than in prison. And now she doesn’t have to make excuses to hang around (like she did for the tree lighting) Accept this ‘new normal’, Victor advises.

Hilary arrives at the estate in time to hear Cane’s great news – Sam will be home for the new year. Hilary’s sappy response takes Cane by surprise. He’s also surprised that his ‘good friend’ Hilary has brought gifts for Sam.