Tuesday, December 19th

Ashley’s grateful when Billy drops by – the only sibling on her side.

When a bellboy brings in Nikki’s luggage, he’s directed up to a guest suite. You didn’t think I’d share a bedroom with you after all you’ve done, Victor comments. Nikki pretends to be on the same page but looks mildly disappointed.

No, Billy doesn’t think Ashley power hungry or destructive. Good, because she’s only trying to save the company; Jack’s spreading himself too thin. Billy understands and agrees – so why is Ashley second guessing herself now?

Phyllis finds Jack drinking alone at the club’s bar. He claims that he and his ego are just fine. Phyllis believes Jack should be running Jabot (and not just because she dislikes the ‘petty’ Ashley) Phyllis voted for Jack because he should be CEO. He’s glad she’s on the board – and in his corner.

The Newman name has been damaged; Victor wants that rectified. Nikki’s very sorry that she stole from Victor and put him in a dangerous position with Paul and Chris. The negotiations begin. Victor will donate to Nikki’s charities. Both are free to take separate vacations. In public, the Newman’s will play a loving power couple. That’s where it ends. Both seem pleased with the ‘deal’.

Sharon takes a seat to apologize to Devon (by dissing Hilary’s generosity) Why would I care? Devon basically laughs it off. Sharon can tell that he’s still smitten with her (which Devon unsuccessfully denies)

Praising Cane for making a comeback, Hilary thinks Jill would be making a mistake by selling CI. Leaving Cane to answer his phone, Hilary opens the front door. Lily is on the front step looking like she smells something bad; and that something is Hilary.

Grumbling that Cane’s so busy he barely said hello to her, Lily’s left to get all the latest news from Hilary (about Sam coming home and Jill wanting to sell CI) Informed that Hilary and Cane are now ‘friends’, Lily asks what game she’s playing.

Billy knows that Ashley hates conflict and feels guilty (which he knows a bit about too) He didn’t feel good about voting against Jack but he IS messing up by refusing to delegate. He can’t run Jabot AND take care of his Mother. Ashley whines about the way Jack’s treating her; for the first time he doesn’t see her as an Abbott. Billy claims ‘it’s not about blood’. Look at how Jack’s treated him.

Jack’s bummed that his own son voted against him; Kyle won’t return my calls. I’m not the Father, son or CEO I want to be. Maybe Ashley’s right – I took on too much, he whines to Phyllis.

Billy continues to support Ashley – convince the board that you should be in charge.

Jack tells Phyllis that Dina said he’d never measure up to his Father. Yes, but your Mother has an evil streak, Phyllis points out. She knows Jack’s tired, but don’t give up. What would you be without Jabot and what would Jabot be without you?

Hilary makes it clear that she’s not making a move on Lily’s man. Yes, Cane has moved on – isn’t that what you wanted? Admit you’re having second thoughts, Hilary challenges. No, Lily might be sad – but there’s no turning back.

Devon’s at the ranch to hear the news that Victor and Nikki are stronger and more united than ever. He’ll handle the PR. When Victor excuses himself, Devon asks Nikki if this is really what she wants. Nikki can’t exactly say she’s happy but she’s satisfied with the outcome; Victor and I both get what we want out of this arrangement.