Wednesday, December 20th

In their on again and off again marital home, Victor shows Nikki Devon’s press release – the angle is that the Newmans reunited to save Chancellor Park. And they lived happily ever after, Nikki sneers at the fabricated fairy tale.

At NE, Vikki and Abby read the online news; both glad that Nikki and Victor have reconciled. But how long will it last? Abby has to ask.

Nick’s stunned to read that his Mom and Dad have reconciled – and own Chancellor Park; a memorial to Katherine Chancellor that the Newmans plan to improve for GC residents. How did my Mom do this? What the hell’s going on with them? he spits questions at Chelsea.

Nikki needles Victor about outbidding him. With the money you stole from me, he reminds. Nikki’s doing (and playing) her part. Victor says she better to keep her crime concealed. Nikki realizes that they’ll need to convince everyone that this charade is real.

At the club, Paul smells something off with the timing of Victor and Nikki getting back together. He’s also surprised that JT couldn’t find anything on Victor – I really thought we’d nail him this time.

Also discussing the Newman’s, Scott and Sharon’s kiss is interrupted when Mariah comes down dressed as a snowman (for Hilary’s Christmas show) Ridiculed and feeling ridiculous, Mariah pulls out her phone to call Hilary and quit.

Vikki greets her ‘Daddy’ as he gets off the elevator and accompanies him into the office. You and Mom are back together? Yes, she finally came to her senses and apologized, Victor speaks of love and claims that he and Nikki worked together to buy Chancellor Park. Vikki remains mildly skeptical but accepts the explanation.

Nikki’s at the penthouse trying to convince Nick that her reconciling with Victor was inevitable. What did he say to make you completely change your mind? Nick’s NOT buying it and demands the truth.

Sharon grabs Mariah’s phone to talk her out of quitting her job at GC Buzz. Mariah rants about Hilary; she’s making me wear this to embarrass me! I can find another job. Enlisting Scott’s help, Sharon cautions Mariah to reconsider. Giggling at one of Scott’s stories, Sharon comments that she doesn’t know all there is to know about her boyfriend. Throwing Scott a look, Mariah seconds that.