Tuesday, December 19th

Hilary decides to leave and let Cane and Lily talk. No, Lily’s leaving – tell Cane I said goodbye. Cane comes down to hear that Lily left and wish he’d postponed the work call. As Hilary packs up, Cane thanks her for coming. Hilary’s genuinely sorry for her role in coming between Cane and Lily. She wishes things were different. Cane too but it seems like Lily’s moving on – I should too. Giving Cane a kiss on the cheek, Hilary leaves.

After Devon leaves, Nikki decides to go up for a rest. Wait, Victor wonders why she stole his money and would like it moved back to his account. Nikki can’t – she used the money. For what? I bought a park.

At home, Billy and Phyllis update one another on their respective talks with Ashley and Jack. Don’t you want me at the board meeting? Phyllis hints that it’ll be fun. Billy worries that Jack’s on the edge; things will get worse.

Ashley’s glad when Jack comes home – we need to talk. Jack sees only one logical choice; tell the board you want me reinstated. Uh no, Ashley’s putting herself forward as the one and only CEO.

My Thoughts: If Hilary wanted to encourage her staff to donate toys, why not display her mountain of gifts at the station as inspiration/motivation? That said, the majority of Hilary’s staff, viewers and online followers probably earn minimum wage. They shouldn’t be pressured or guilted into donating toys. I’m surprised Hilary’s gifts weren’t wrapped in GC Buzz wrapping paper – and their delivery captured by a GC Buzz cameraman. Yeah, we get it that Hilary knows nothing about babies/kids but she’s no stranger to the Internet; why not Google age appropriate ‘toys’ for preemies? And why would she be better at picking out toys for kids of any age? … Lily and Cane are obviously not over; neither are Devon and Hilary. But would it surprise anyone if Cane and Hilary hooked up in the meantime? I suspect Sam will be used to redeem Hilary by bringing out her non-existent softer, maternal side … Of course Nikki used Victor’s stolen money to buy Chancellor Park. Of course there’s no way of tracking that multi-million dollar transaction. If Nikki thinks being imprisoned by Victor is preferable because she’s not forced to wear an orange jumpsuit, she deserves all the unhappiness coming her way (though of course, there will likely be a Christmas ‘miracle’ in the form of forgiveness)… Speaking of sons no one gives a rats ass about, why doesn’t Jack ever mention Keemo?