Wednesday, December 20th

Nick continues to press Nikki for answers. If she tries to leave, he’ll follow her. He’s not happy when Nikki admits she’s being blackmailed by Victor (but claims she’s happy to be back at the ranch; as matriarch of the Newman family) Nikki insists that it’s different this time; Victor will never change but she has. She then chuckles at remembering Victor’s face when he learned she outbid him.

Sharon out of the room, Scott addresses the obvious awkwardness between him and Mariah. There’s nothing going on with Abby, he insists. He’s almost won Mariah over with flattery but goes too far when offering her a job (to buy her silence, Mariah believes) Sharon returns to ask- what’s the big secret? Yes, Christmas gifts, Mariah agrees with Scott and is sure there will be a LOT of nice gifts under the tree this year.

At the club’s bar, Abby leaves a message; she’s happy for her Dad but wishes she heard about the reconciliation from him. Mariah comes over to pester Abby about Scott. Her Mom’s happy and she intends to keep it that way. She wonders if something’s going on between Scott and Abby (you do have a history of being ‘the other woman’) Abby warns Mariah that they won’t remain on friendly terms if the accusations continue.

Nikki and Vikki (in Victor’s office) are both confused. Nikki explains that she moved in with Victor because he made the charges ‘go away’. No – JT made the charges go away (Dad was supposed to tell you that) Vikki realizes her Dad sent her off to Hong Kong on business so she wouldn’t tell Nikki herself. That bastard! Nikki’s furious that Victor played her.

Nick rants ‘n raves to Chelsea; Victor blackmailed my Mom into moving back in with him. Chelsea understands that Nick is worried that Nikki will eventually forgive Victor. It’s only a matter of time before he hurts her again, Nick’s sure.

We’re not done here, Mariah says. Yes, we are, Abby then stands to hug JT. Mariah gives him the short version; she’s Cassie’s twin – we’re nothing alike. I play dirty to protect those I love. What was that about? JT’s left even more puzzled. Changing the subject, Abby agrees to have a drink with JT (then exchanges a look with Scott when he arrives with Sharon)

At the club’s bar, Abby and Scott can’t take their eyes off each other as JT entertains Sharon with photos of his kids. Sharon then boasts that Scott runs Hashtag, the three of us brought down a sex trafficking ring. Abby and Scott were trapped together, she blathers on oblivious to Abby and Scott’s discomfort. You may win a Pulitzer, Sharon chirps. How long have you been dating? JT asks. 7 months, Sharon replies (as Scott says ‘a few months’) Who would have thought those two would end up together, JT’s left to comment when Scott and Sharon proceed to a table. Not me, Abby watches them.

Nikki’s back at the ranch to confront Victor: JT cleared me before we struck this deal. I can’t trust you, she whines. Does that mean you’ll move out? Victor challenges.

As Abby and JT laugh at the bar, Scott asks Sharon about their history. They used to be family – Sharon doubts Abby’s eager to jump into anything after Zack. Scott will now give Sharon his complete attention (but casts another glance towards the bar) When JT asks Abby out barhopping, she balks – are you asking me out on a date!?

As Scott watches from across the restaurant, Abby flips out on JT; she’s not interested in going out with a married man; she’s not interested in doing anything with JT! Almost mowing Vikki over at the revolving door, Abby complains; your ex made a pass at me!