Wednesday, December 20th

Still at the penthouse, Nick’s drowning his sorrows when Chelsea comes down to suggest that opening a Christmas present early might cheer him up. Nick looks up from the tree to see Chelsea dressed in festive lingerie. You have to unwrap them before you can play with them, she teases.

I ran into Abby – is there something you want to tell me? Vikki asks JT (who gives his version of events) Detecting that something’s going on, Vikki’s surprised and saddened to hear that JT has lost his wife and job (Mac took the kids back to DC)

Joined at the lips, it seems that Chelsea’s been naughty and Nick’s been very nice.

Now home, Sharon and Scott butt heads over JT (who Scott thinks is a player) No, he loves Mac, Sharon’s sure. Plus, her training at the crisis line has taught her that sometimes people overreact because they’re afraid to say what’s on their mind.

When Nikki brings a suitcase down, Victor assumes she’s leaving. Nikki could kick herself for believing Victor but no, the suitcase is for Bonnie to put in storage. Taking a seat across the room, she realizes that Victor could still have her put in prison. But – she could call Paul and tattle that Victor brought Chloe to town and broke Adam out of prison. We make a formidable couple, Victor concludes.

Vikki can’t wrap her head around JT and Mac splitting up. We grew apart, JT sighs – he hates not seeing his kids (all of them) Finishing his drink, JT thanks Vikki for listening – tell Reed I’ll call him in the morning. No one should be alone for the holidays, Vikki invites JT to stay with her and Reed.

My Thoughts: It is pretty silly for Mariah to call working with Hilary ‘torture’; especially with a man in the room who was held hostage in the Middle East…. Wait, what? Mariah and Scott are in the ‘same field’ now? When exactly did Mariah get a degree in journalism? Why does Sharon assume Mariah can only get a job in her ‘field’? Chances of that are slim. It’s not like there’s a ton of syndicated TV shows headquartered and filmed in GC …. Mariah’s the last person who should be shoving anyone’s ‘history’ in their face … Yet again, Victor gets off scott free. He and Nikki aren’t a formidable couple, they’re a f****** up couple. I’ll have no sympathy when this blows up in Nikki’s face … Why on earth would Mariah drive to the station wearing her snowman costume? Why was it even at the house instead of hanging on a rack at GC Buzz.