Thursday, December 21st

Hilary arrives at the Abbott mansion to force pleasantries with Dina. When Phyllis arrives to join in on the praise, Dina walks off with a twinkle in her eye as she quips ‘what a delight; strumpets in stereo’. Jack continues to taunt Ashley – do you want to be the one to ring the dinner bell? What are we doing here exactly? Hilary quietly asks. When you find out, text me, Phyllis replies.

Paul and Chris waste little time bringing the small talk around to the Newman audit (which Nikki shuts down by expressing relief that it’s over – and picking up her menu to say she’s famished)

Dinner’s ready, everyone’s waiting, Jill comes in to find Cane still admiring the blankie Lily supposedly sent over. She’s reaching out to you – call her, Jill advises.

Lily excuses herself from the table to take Cane’s call. They soon realize that Charlie bought both the blanket and the Paris book. Wishing one another Merry Christmas, neither Lily or Cane want to hang up and look sad when they do.

All seated for dinner, Ashley suggests they share stories of Christmas past. Instead, everyone gets in on the bickering. Here we go – Hilary and Phyllis focus on their drinks. When Dina demands to know what’s going on, smartass Jack thinks they should ‘put it to a vote’ (whether to tell Dina or not)

Back at Top of the Tower, Paul wonders why Victor’s not accompanying Nikki on Christmas Eve. She’ll see him later – things have changed, she smiles vaguely. How have things changed? Chris presses for clarification.

Now updated, Dina refuses to eat dinner with people who stabbed her son in the back – how can Jack even have an appetite? I don’t, Jack leaves. Shame on you all, Dina follows. That leaves Traci to scold Ashley. After her Mom and Aunt stomp out in different directions, Abby wishes Hilary and Phyllis ‘Merry Christmas’ – at least you’re not related to them, she adds as she too exits. Phyllis and Hilary decides to stick around in hopes of being served some food.

Nikki tells the Williams that there’s more to Victor than ‘ruthless business tycoon’. He’s done some terrible things, they remind. Nikki doesn’t want to rehash the time the whole family testified to put Victor on prison. Paul and Chris both suspect that Victor’s holding something over Nikki’s head. We can help you – maybe we can all help each other.

Hilary arrives at the club in time for dessert. As she and Devon chat at the bar, Lily and Mattie mope. It seems that everyone’s struggling with the holiday spirit this year – but Hilary has an idea.

Back at the estate, Cane grins – good job son. Jill gets a call – Oh? Did you have something in mind? Sounds perfect, count me in, she hangs up with a smile.

In the living room, Dina gives Ashley some advice – tell your brother that you love him; family is far more important than work. Don’t waste time the way I did. Make amends before it’s too late.

Arriving at Top of the Tower, Phyllis leaves Billy a message – skip the Abbott dinner – see you at home later. She then joins Jack to say that he looks like a quitter. No, Jack’s mulling over his options. He knows he was petty tonight but it was that or bring out the big guns against Ashley. Phyllis preaches caution and tells Jack to try to have a Merry Christmas.

Across the room, Chris and Paul want Nikki to find out how much Victor knew about the sex ring; we can put him away for a long time and give you immunity. Immunity?! What do you think I’ve done? Nikki throws down her napkin, declares the dinner over and clip-clops off.