Thursday, December 21st

Devon tells Lily to let Mattie know that the dessert cream was made from free-range cows. But first, he has a surprise. Merry Christmas, Jill appears – followed by Ester, Charlie and finally Cane. Merry Christmas, again, Lily smiles at him. It is now, he gives her a hug as all watch on with delight. Devon has an added bonus – the angel on top of the tree. Tessa walks in strumming her guitar and singing ‘Joy To The World’. Devon and Hilary watch the Ashby family smiling as they all sing along.

Phyllis comes home to Billy, candles and a crackling fire. This, is what’s important. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas ~kiss~

Paul’s followed Nikki to the elevator – hear me out, he implores. I’ve known you too long. This isn’t just about Victor – I want to help you. Paul’s insulted that Nikki beieves he’s just after Victor (not concerned about her) After all we’ve been through!? I’m giving you a chance to escape him for your own good, Paul insists. Take it – please.

When Jack comes home, Ashley apologizes. She wants to find a way to move forward and have a harmonious Christmas. That’s not happening, Jack says – read this. A while back he added a clause to Jabot’s bylaws. Only a blood-Abbott can hold the title of CEO. You can’t do that! Ashley’s stunned. You son of a bitch! You’re not taking my job from me Ashley, not ever, a calm Jack has the last word.

My Thoughts: Bwa ha ha ha. So, Mattie’s going ‘vegan’ but not until after she stuffs her face on animals until New Year’s. Will she make Lily get rid of the leather couches at home and in her car? And how nice that Devon sources his ‘cream’ from ‘free-range’ cows – because factory farming never treats animals cruelly. And cream is just one of the ingredients in chocolate cake – did the eggs come from free range chickens? Is Devon using ‘fair trade’ chocolate? …. Cane and Lily will no doubt be back together by New Year’s. Lucky Sam; he’s getting a new blankie and stepmom …. OK, if any of my kids are reading this – I do NOT want any of your medals or crappy participation ribbons from cross country or any other sports. It’s just a bitter reminder of the early hours spent freezing on a hill, in an arena or on the sidelines of a soccer pitch. And note to Charlie; you might want to hide the ole ‘pigskin’ from your vegan sister.