YR Spoiler; Monday, December 25th

With eggnog, Abby toasts to her Mom becoming Jabot’s CEO in the new year. She’s always counted on the Abbott family – but if Jack’s going to treat you this way…. When Jack comes home, Abby ignores him and slams out. Putting the decorations away already? he asks. Ashley sees no reason to pretend.

Victor takes a seat across the table from Paul at CL’s – he wishes he could have joined them Christmas Eve. You weren’t invited, Paul makes it clear that he’s still investigating Victor. No, the William’s won’t be attending the Newman vow renewal.

Nikki’s at the penthouse to confirm what Vikki’s already told Nick. He guesses that Victor is still threatening to press charges and will do anything to help his Mom out of this. Anything? Nikki asks.

Nick’s frustrated by his Mom’s insistence that she’s on equal footing with Victor (because she has dirt on him too) Nick won’t object if this is what his Mom wants – but he won’t attend. If Victor wants him there, Nick would have to hear it from him.

Are we speaking to each other? Traci jokes with Billy (at the club) Ashley called me a wimp and a traitor, she reports. Jack called me a traitor and screw up, Billy sympathizes. Both are disappointed; this might be Dina’s last Christmas.

Jack had the clause added to Jabot’s bylaws when he first found out that Phyllis was having an affair with Billy. He wanted to protect the company from outsiders and predators. You appointed Phyllis to the board, Ashley points out the hypocrisy. You tried to oust me, Jack had no choice but to fight dirty. I never wanted to hurt you – I feel like I’m fighting for my life. Ashley thinks Daddy would be so disappointed that Jack’s forcing her to fight for her place in this family. After Jack slams out, Ashley makes a call – I have a situation. I need your help.

Mike’s magically transported himself to the Abbott mansion. He can’t believe it’s come to this. When Jack had him draw up this amendment, he never dreamed it would be used against Ashley (even after he found out… ) I can’t give you legal advice, it’d be a conflict of interest he concludes as Jack returns to tell Ashley to go ahead and drag this through the courts.

In Victor’s office, Abby informs Vikki that she’s leaving town for a few days to kick off the new year. But when Victor arrives to ask that she stay and attend his and Nikki’s vow renewal, she’s happy to change her plans. Vikki’s left to wonder aloud how Victor pulled this off. Nikki and I belong together, Victor claims.

Nikki’s pleased to run into Paul on the CL’s patio. Hearing he ran into Victor, she assumes he and Chris will join them on New Year’s Eve. Paul can’t do that and again asks Nikki to reconsider; you’re putting your health and happiness in jeopardy. No, Paul is NOT the least bit ‘happy’ for Nikki. Victor WILL go down and you could go to prison as an accomplice, he warns. Think about THAT, Paul exits.