YR Spoiler; Tuesday, December 26th

At the club, Billy assures Ashley that he has her back, 100%. What now? Ashley’s going to court. Jack’s not afraid to get down and dirty. Yes, but knowing Ashley as he does, Billy thinks Jack has no idea what he’s getting into.

Jack’s at the Chancellor Estate trying (and failing) to buy CI from Jill – even when he brings Kay’s memory into it. Jill hands over her counteroffer. Jack has no problem keeping Cane on but can’t agree to Jill’s price. Take it or leave it, Jill won’t budge.

Devon bumps into Lily at the club. She’s distracted because Cane’s bringing Sam home today. Lily’s not sure how she’ll handle seeing Cane with a baby that’s not hers.

Why’s it so dark in here? Cane brings Sam home. Surprise! Mattie and Charlie jump out to whisper when Ester turns the lights on.

Dropping by to see Reed, JT’s again thanked (by Vikki) for not pressing charges against Nikki. JT enjoyed spending Christmas with Vikki and the kids. He’s looking for a job in DC and doesn’t expect a tough custody battle. You and Mac broke up? Reed appears.

Hoping she’s not crashing the party, Hilary joins the twins in gushing over Sam. Lily and Devon arrive soon after; neither impressed.

JT updates Reed on his split with Mac. Hey, let’s go on a trip – wherever you want. Reed guesses that sounds good and is allowed to go see his friends after (almost reluctantly) giving his Dad a hug.

Aside, Cane and Lily have a quiet chat. Hilary knows more about Sam than I do, Lily pouts. Cane thinks the more support Sam has the better. When Lily walks off, Devon tells Cane that it was hard for Lily to come. Cane understands – but SHE asked for the divorce. Charlie gets a text to go to a cross country team party, while Mattie’s summoned to cheer Reed up. Charlie tries to convince his Mom that she’s as important to Sam as they are.

Summoned to Jack’s to draw up a purchase contract for CI, Mike lists several reasons why it’s not a good idea. Jabot technically has no CEO – this is like the wild west. Jack suggests they sign this deal then, before Ashley circles the wagons.

Chelsea comes home to an ‘enthusiastic greeting’. Nick’s received the insurance check (from Underground) Mentioning his parents vow renewal, Nick’s more interested in renovating the bathroom. Refusing to give up any of her closet space, she says ‘nice try’ and heads upstairs.