YR Spoiler; Monday, December 25th

Ashley thanks Mike for coming – she understands and will find another attorney. She’s then left to continue undecorating the tree (unless only blood Abbott’s can do it) Dina comes down all dressed up and believing it’s Thanksgiving. Jack gently reminds of the dinner the goose dinner they had last night. You prefer it over turkey. Dina doesn’t like goose – it’s too greasy. When Jack leaves, Dina wonders why ‘John’ is so upset. Ashley’s left to humour Dina (who still thinks it’s Thanksgiving)

Arriving at the club, Jack’s happy to run into Traci. He imagines she’s looking forward to going back to New York and updates that Ashley plans to take this to court.

Back at NE, Vikki assumes the Abbott’s had a perfect Christmas. Abby chuckles but won’t be duped into giving Vikki any ammo (and reminds of the disastrous press conference) Vikki’s genuinely sorry – Zack really did a number on you. Are you bringing a date New Year’s Eve? Are you?

Let into the penthouse, Victor announces that he doesn’t really want Nick with them for New Years – but your Mother and sisters care about NE. We’re doing this to rectify recent scandals and to reunite the family. Do this for your Mother.

Jack pushes his plate of food aside to insist that he didn’t add the amendment because of Ashley. I see the pain in her eyes. Traci hopes Jack will try to work things out with Ashley.

Drinking her sherry, Dina prattles on about family coming together over the holidays. It gives one hope. She can’t wait to take her kids to meet Santa Claus. Near tears, Ashley hugs her Mother.

Victor finally manages to convince Nick to be there New Year’s Eve. Nick will – for MOM.

At the ranch, Nikki explains that the renewal of vows is to convince everyone that she and Victor are a real couple. Vikki worries – can you keep a straight face while standing in front of everyone; family and the media? I guess we’ll find out, Nikki looks confident.

Merry Christmas. Tommorrow’s spoiler will likely be a bit late also.