YR Spoiler; Tuesday, December 26th

Wait up, I’ll call us a cab, Mattie threatens to call the police if Reed drives. Claiming he’s only had two beers, Reed will never forgive Mattie if she does (and drives away leaving her on the sidewalk)

When Ashley comes home, Jack already knows she called a board meeting behind his back. Yes – we voted that Jabot’s CEO must work from the office. Billy, Abby, Traci, Lauren, Kyle (by email) and she all voted ‘yes’. Jack must choose between being his Mother’s caregiver or Jabot’s CEO.

Chelsea’s grateful that Nick’s trying to make her happy but all her and Connor’s memories are in this penthouse. We can make new memories, Nick points out. WE have memories here too, Chelsea lists them. This is her dream home – with Nick and the boys. Then let’s make more memories, Nick agrees ~kiss~

Devon and Hilary bump into one another at the club’s revolving door. Guessing immediately that Devon wonders if she’s dating Cane, Hilary taunts him – so what if I were? Devon watches as she sashays upstairs.

Cane comes down from watching Sam sleep – and is pressured to attend Jill’s big New Year’s Eve party.

Outside the club, a panicked Mattie tells Lily that she called 911 because Reed drove after drinking. Charlie and I didn’t know there’d be booze there. We didn’t drink but Reed did. He said he’d never forgive me – wahhh (Mattie’s only concern is that she’ll get dumped)

Driving through the night, listening to music and almost nodding off, Reed’s pulled over by the police.

Billy walks into Jack’s to hear the news that he’s found someone to take care for Dina. He’s coming back to Jabot because Jill sold him CI. Billy informs that the deal’s off – Jill won’t sell her company to you.

I guess this is goodbye, Vikki hugs JT. He’s about to leave when Vikki gets a call. Reed’s been arrested! she reports.