YR Spoiler: Wednesday, December 27th

Chelsea’s all dressed up for the Newman re-nuptials while jokester Nick is wearing nothing but a tool belt (a Christmas gift from Chelsea)

I had one beer, maybe two – Reed’s had enough lecturing from his parents on the drive back from the station. Vikki insists Reed get himself ready to go to the ranch for his grandparents vow renewal.

At the ranch, Victor hopes the music won’t be too ‘insipid’. Nikki’s sure the HWG’s PR company will handle that – they’ve even prepared our vows. Vikki calls to warn her Mom that her big night might be in trouble.

Sharon’s on the phone with Scott when he arrives at CL’s. What took him so long? A mystery errand. Sharon will find out his secrets one way or another.

At the club’s ranch, Abby initially denies this has anything to do with Scott. She wants Lily to stand between her and Scott. Abby’s not sure Sharon will be there. Lily can’t go – she was going to ask Abby to be her date for Jill’s party. Both are sure they’ll find lots of random, fun people.

At the revolving door, Devon wonders how Jill plans to feed all her party guests with one bag of take-out food. The only guests are Cane and your sister, Jill whispers. Devon worries this fake party will backfire. They watch Lily and Abby laughing at the bar.

Visiting Cane (and Sam) Hilary’s invited to tonight’s party.

Lily and Abby chat with Jill and Devon. The girls are surprised to hear that Devon can’t make it to Jill’s party. Jill’s left to thank Devon for playing along. He worries that Hilary might be after Cane. The fireworks could start early tonight, Jill comments.

With a kiss, Chelsea tells Nick to go up and get dressed. Then we can come home. Nick will go – his Mom needs him. But first the belt comes off.

Still on the phone, Vikki and Nikki decide not to tell Victor about Reed’s latest mishap. Hanging up, Nikki lies to Victor – the call was about a dress Vikki ruined. There will be no surprises tonight, she agrees (then grabs her purse and exits)