YR Spoiler; Tuesday, December 26th

When Jill comes home to rave about Sam’s strong grip, Cane’s more concerned that she sold CI. Jack’s keeping you on, Jill’s sure he’ll soon see how valuable Cane is. It’s the ideal solution; Jill gets to liquidate – Cane gets to keep his job. Everybody wins. Cane doesn’t look happy.

Still at the club with Ashley, Billy gets a text from Jill – she sold CI to Jack. He’s not impressed with the impulsive deal but Ashley’s outraged – and marches out to ‘kill the deal’

Why are you here? Lily berates Hilary, the ‘cold-hearted bitch’ – something about this new attitude stinks. Not everyone’s as judgmental and unforgiving as you are, Hilary marches off. That leaves Devon to update Jill that Hilary and Cane are now friends. Clearly on team Lily, Jill invites her over for her big New Year’s bash. Get all dressed up. Glancing at Cane chatting with Hilary, Lily agrees.

Mattie, Charlie and Reed arrive at a suite at the club (where Charlie’s friends are throwing a party) They’re drinking alcohol, Mattie’s anxious to go back downstairs. No, Reed wants to stay (and drink because his Dad screwed up another marriage)

Over wine at Vikki’s, JT wonders if their divorce screwed Reed up. Vikki takes the blame – she sets too high standards. JT thinks she deserves high standards. Both now feel they’re the one to blame. Vikki encourages JT to reconcile with Mac; fight for your family, your marriage.

Chelsea comes down to Nick’s presentation (using building blocks) He wants to oversee the construction of their dream home. What would your dream home look like? Nick asks and promises to make it happen. Chelsea tears up.

Over drinks at the club’s bar with Lily, Devon notes that Hilary was all over that baby. Lily wonders if she’s making a play for Cane. No, Devon believes Hilary wants to be a better person. Lily disagrees – Hilary always has an ulterior motive; she’s either trying to get under my skin or yours.

At the estate, Jill tells Billy that the deal’s done – she’s sold CI to Jack. She’s stunned to hear that Jack was voted out as CEO. Billy doesn’t think the sale would be good for CI. Cane comes over to agree; Jabot’s in crisis – and if he’s put in the middle of a war between Jack and Ashley, everyone will lose.

At Jabot, Ashley updates Lauren that Jack’s still acting as CEO despite the no-confidence vote. She wants to call another board meeting to lay out some common sense measures. First, Lauren wants to know what those common-sense measures are.

Reed’s bored, let’s get out of here. Mattie tries to get the keys from Charlie but he tells her to cab home. Not seeing Reed as she scans the room, an alarmed Mattie exits the suite.

Jill’s relieved when Lauren comes over. Billy told me that Jabot’s board has voted Jack out as CEO! Jill was bluffing with her high price and isn’t sure she should accept Jack’s offer. Lauren explains that Jack’s working from home and taking care of Dina. Things aren’t good between him and Ashley. But despite all that, Lauren sees no problem with selling CI to Jack.