YR Spoiler: Wednesday, December 27th

Vikki and JT blast Reed (who doesn’t seem concerned that he could have died) You’ve both been arrested before – cut me a break.

Jill comes home to assume that Hilary was just leaving. No, Cane convinced me to stay for the party.

Of course Nikki had to come over (she asks for a word alone with Reed) and after JT and Vikki discreetly disappearing Nikki cautions Reed on alcoholism. She’s done things that made her sick; woke up in bed next to a stranger. Reed shrugs it off – people do stupid things when they’re young. This was two years ago, Nikki says pointedly.

Jill suggests Hilary to go home and change – or go cover the Newman nuptials for her show. Finally spilling some of her drink on Hilary, Jill sends Cane up to check on Sam then warns Hilary to keep her mitts off Cane. Go home! Tonight’s party is for two. Hilary laughs – you couldn’t get Billy and Vikki back together, now you’re trying with Cane and Lily. When Cane returns, Hilary remembers a prior engagement and is all but shoved out the door by Jill.

At the ranch, Nick (with Chelsea) tells Abby that he’s only there for Mom. Some people respect commitment, some don’t. Abby’s eyes dart towards Scott (with Sharon)

When Hilary joins Devon at the club’s bar, he assumes that she’s not seeing Cane after all. Hilary just left Cane – he won’t be single for long. Hilary doesn’t want Cane but there is someone she can’t stop thinking about.

Jill welcomes Lily in. Am I the first to arrive? Lily seems nervous as she and Cane are left to exchange awkward smiles.

Reed nowhere in sight, Nikki’s not sure he heard her. When she hints that Vikki’s work schedule might be a problem, JT defends his ex and thinks his break up with Mac is more responsible for Reed’s problems. After Nikki leaves, JT feels he must do more than apologize for his past mistakes – he must do something about it.

Sharon insists they go over and say hello to Abby. Feeling silly about her suspicions, she wants to make it clear that she knows where they all stand. Reluctantly, Scott follows so Sharon and Abby can exchange fake compliment s- then quickly drags Sharon away to meet someone. Across the room, Abby and Chelsea worry that Nikki isn’t back yet. Runaway bride, Nick quips and drinks.

Back at the club’s bar, Hilary raves about the great ratings her new (gossip free) show is getting. Great – but Devon wants to hear more about this guy Hilary can’t stop thinking about. Did you think it was you? Hilary toys with Devon before finally revealing that it’s Sam.

You two are shameless, Lily says (as Jill and Ester scurry out of the room snickering) Cane’s sorry – he’ll get Lily’s coat. Lily would like to stay. Smiling, Cane fills her champagne flute.