YR Spoiler: Wednesday, December 27th

At the ranch, Vikki and JT tell Reed that his Dad’s not leaving town. All applaud when Nikki and Victor appear to thank all for coming as they reaffirm their vows to love, honour and obey. 2 of the 3, Nikki corrects to laughter and more applause.

Lily thinks Mattie brave for calling the cops on her boyfriend. She realizes that Cane was right about Reed all along. Lily’s OK talking about Sam – but NOT Hilary. She’s become a friend, Cane insists. Lily will never like that woman. Knowing that Ester and Jill probably want them to dance, the Ashby’s comply. But when things get a bit too close, Lily pulls away – I should go. Cane asks her to stay until midnight.

Before the assembled guests, Nikki and Victor read touching vows to one another (as Abby and Scott share a brief look) Victor makes a promise – by the end of this year, he and Nikki will be more in love than they are right now. Nikki seems caught off guard as all applaud and photos are taken.

Despite being completely smitten with Sam, Hilary does not hear her biological clock ticking or have baby fever. As the countdown begins, Devon wishes Hilary a happy new year but walks off before the strike of midnight.

An excited Jill and Ester spy on Cane and Lily but when the Ashby’s awkward move in towards a kiss becomes a hug instead, the busybodies retreat to the kitchen looking disappointed.

My darling. My love. Victor and Nikki’s kiss and smiles seem only for the camera. Watching Scott and Sharon kiss, Abby marches past Reed’s parents making a fuss over him. Victor (with Nikki) is sorry Faith couldn’t come but thinks Nick showed ‘some guts’ by coming. Nick again makes it clear he came for his Mom. As Sharon goes to fetch their coats, Scott follows Abby into the dining room. Wishing each other the best for 2018 and agreeing to keep things strictly professional, Scott and Abby are suddenly sharing a passionate kiss when a stunned Nick walks in (and out without being seen)

My Thoughts: Here’s an idea Victor – if you don’t want insipid music played at your wedding, take the time and effort to make your own playlist. How hard can that be? And why have a PR firm write your wedding vows? Just take snippets from all the other dozens of times you and Nikki have said ‘I do’. And did he really think using the word ‘obey’ would go over well? If the goal of this wedding was to impress and convince outsiders why not hold it OUTSIDE the Newman living room? How about at the park they supposedly united to purchase together? But that isn’t even the lamest New Year’s Eve party in town – the Ashby’s are a bit long in the tooth (OLD) to be playing clumsy and awkward over a simple kiss. And what a pathetic New Year’s Eve for Jill and Ester. Maybe they should be the token lesbians, not Mariah and Tessa. There isn’t even a party going on at the GCAC – just a few random guests who happen to notice the countdown on TV. In fact, the only happening party in town is being thrown upstairs by the high school cross country team! Lily didn’t think to warn her brother that his nephew and a bunch of underage kids are having a bash in HIS club? … Scott and Abby are idiots. I guess both like living on the edge (and Abby clearly does enjoy men who’re spoken for)