Monday, January 1st

Nick finds Sharon very optimistic about the new year. She and Scott had so much fun at New Year’s. Who’s Abby with out there? Nick squints towards the patio. As Sharon goes to fetch him a muffin, Nick goes to take the seat Lily’s vacating. He wastes little time talking to Abby about trust and honesty – like Sharon has with Scott.

At the revolving door, JT tells Paul that he was going to the station to talk to him about Reed. No, he’d never put Paul in an uncomfortable position by asking for favours (which Paul appreciates) JT and Billy were just reminiscing about the bad stuff they did.

Across the restaurant, Jill claims that she thought about sticking around but her cardiologist assures her that she’d have another heart attack if forced to watch this trainwreck so close (Billy being the trainwreck)

JT drops by Lily’s to say he appreciates Mattie calling the cops when Reed drove off drunk. She was crazy about Reed, Lily laments. Unlike his Father, they chuckle in agreement.

A bubbly Sharon serves Nick his muffin and is encouraged to chat – about Scott. Abby squirms as Sharon announces that she and Scott are getting away to a BnB. It’s a secret. When Sharon gets back to work, Nick again leads the conversation. Do you think Sharon and Scott are good together? Yeah, fine, great, Abby huffs. Then why are you trying to ruin it for them? Nick asks.

JT’s hoping for a fresh start and a job in GC. Lily’s still struggling with what Cane did – but the baby’s beautiful. JT commends her and Mattie for donating blood. Lily offers to talk to Cane about a job for JT. No, it won’t be awkward at all.

Jill realizes Billy probably won’t get back with Vikki but can’t he at least sell the racehorse? What is your definition of happiness? That’s the thing – Billy doesn’t feel the need to define it. Happiness can be many things; his kid’s smile – talking to Jack again. Billy’s enjoying his relationship with Phyllis – he’s glad to be alive. Jill’s glad Billy’s content but you’ve inherited ‘hunger’ from me. Don’t be complacent. My legacy could be your legacy. Of course, Chancellor Industries, what else?

Back on the patio, Abby insists the fling with Scott was brief – it’s over. Scott lives in a home where my daughter lives half the time, Nick reminds – Sharon needs to know; everything.

Listing all Cane has on his plate, Jill really needs Billy at Chancellor. Do it for MY health, she pleads. Billy hasn’t heard anything to say yes to yet. Think of how much it would bug Cane to have to share his job with you, Jill concludes.