Monday, January 1st

Jill then drops by Lily’s to ask what the hell is wrong with her – neither you or Cane have the guts to be honest about what you want. He needs and loves you so much – and I know you love him too. With a quick but impassioned hug, Jill leaves Lily to think – and see that she missed a call from Cane. She too grabs her coat.

Wouldn’t YOU want to know? Nick pressures Abby. What’s to stop Scott from doing this with another woman? Sharon will get hurt now or later. Nick will keep Abby’s name out of it – that’s all he can promise. Abby’s left to leave a ‘call me asap’ message for Scott.

What brings Lily by? She saw that Cane called her. And you drove all the way over? he chuckles. When JT shows up (and is surprised to see Lily) both he, then Cane assume Lily came to talk to him about the job. JT sent in to have a seat, Lily asks Cane why he called. You left this behind (a scarf) Lily and Cane again part ways without saying much of anything and looking disappointed.

Cane not only gives JT a job, he suggests he move in. That’s nice – but JT picked up on a vibe between him and Lily (and doesn’t want to get in the way) Billy then arrives to stun Cane with the news that he’s now co-CEO of Jabot.

Rejoined by Lily on the patio, Abby shares her crisis; Nick went off on me after you left. He saw Scott and I kiss New Year’s Eve. This could blow up Scott and Sharon for good. Lily has to wonder if that’s a bad thing.

About to knock on Sharon’s door, Nick flashes back to Abby’s insistence that it’s over. He’s about to leave when Abby calls. He ignores the call when Sharon comes outside to ask what’s up. I have to tell you something – about Scott, Nick says solemnly.

My Thoughts: Be still my heart. Was Billy drinking the breakfast of Canadian champions? The Blood Ceasar? Probably not. Probably just a Bloody Mary with a celery stick. For some reason, the US hasn’t caught on to the most delicious beverage ever (and most suitable for pre-noon consumption) If I ever find one in Florida I may never come home … Cringe-worthy moment of today’s show was Sharon doing some sort of Newfie jig (look that one up too) to demonstrate what a fun time she and Scott had on New Year’s Eve… Oh Jill. Off to help ease suffering in the world – but leaving destruction in her wake (for Cane and Billy at least) …. Happy New Year one and all! …