Tuesday, January 2nd

Telling the boys to share their toys, Chelsea’s not happy when Nick calls to say he won’t be back anytime soon – sorry. Chelsea knows it’s not Nick’s fault but she’s already not looking forward to her meeting with Lauren (whose son’s an ass) I’ll figure it out. Love you. Love you too.

Updated that Dina went home all smiles, Lauren asks Jack what he was thinking bringing his Mother here. Jack was forced to make that decision thanks to his friends on the board.

Dina leans forward to tap the driver on his shoulder. She wants to make a stop on the way home.

Sharon brings Scott out some breakfast – because she’s on autopilot (until Scott again sets her off) Faith saw you kissing Abby and kept that secret because she was afraid! Sharon was cautious and so waited before introducing Scott to her daughter. Scott sighs – he couldn’t feel any worse. Wanna bet? Sharon pours a bowl of porridge over his head and storms out of the house.

On the CL’s patio, Sharon tells Mariah all – Scott wasn’t just kissing Abby, he had sex with her! He’s a total stranger to me. What did he say? Mariah’s horrified. Apologies, he loves me and doesn’t want our relationship to end, Sharon updates. But as far as she’s concerned it ended when he slept with Abby. Sharon appreciates Mariah’s support but repeats that she won’t melt down.

Meeting Chelsea at the club, Lauren’s not troubled at all that she had to bring the boys. None of her meetings today are going as expected. Christian perched in her lap, Chelsea hands Lauren some sketches and pitches her summer collection. Spotting Abby, Chelsea suddenly loses her train of thought.

Scott leaves a message for Abby; Sharon knows. I’m gonna come find you now, he puts his coat on.

Marching into the club, Sharon spots Abby immediately and walks over to the bar to glare at her back as she fiddles with her tablet. At their nearby table, Chelsea observes that Sharon doesn’t look happy. Maybe she and Scott broke up – Lauren jokes; that would be a relief.