Tuesday, January 2nd

As Chelsea and Lauren (and even the boys) watch, Sharon wastes no time taking a seat at Abby’s table to loudly confront her. You’re a spoiled narcissistic bitch who takes whatever she wants! Abby won’t take this from someone who’s destroyed so many lives. When Sharon blasts Abby about cheating with Summer’s husband, Abby snarls back – You don’t steal husbands, just babies! When slaps turn into a full-on catfight, Lauren runs over to break it up – as Scott flies into the mix too. At a nearby table an entertained Graham sips his drink.

As a few fellow patrons look disturbed, Chelsea hauls Sharon off while Scott’s left to restrain Abby and walk her away from his Mother (who wants to stick her nose in too) At the bar, Chelsea warns Sharon to avoid getting arrested then goes to ask Connor where Christian is. Stay there – I’ll go find him! she runs off. Across the restaurant, Abby can’t believe Scott told Sharon they had sex.

When Jack calls to check in on his Mom, Mrs Martinez explains that she hasn’t seen her. Both assume she’s in her room so won’t disturb her.

As an increasingly frantic Chelsea looks around for Christian, Abby leaves Scott to again get an earful from Lauren. Are you finally done with Sharon? Not answering, Scott runs to catch Sharon at the revolving door. Have you seen Christian?! He’s missing! Chelsea comes over in a panic.

My Thoughts: Ha ha. Sharon was so mad when she got to the GCAC yet took the time to check her coat downstairs? Did the club lay off all of its staff? Why don’t they have bouncers to throw out the trash? … I love how Chelsea loses one kid then telling Connor to ‘stay there’ leaves him unattended too so she can do laps around the restaurant. And of course no one’s seen your missing toddler – everyone’s been too busy watching Sharon and Abby making spectacles of themselves. Good job Hilary wasn’t there to see it – she’d have to abandon her New Year’s resolution to turn GC Buzz away from being a Newman-gossip-rag … Maybe Chelsea should be asking to see the surveillance tapes to track Christian. He shouldn’t be too far. He’s always being carried about. I’m not even sure his feet have ever touched the ground yet, never mind running off anywhere without falling flat on his face. All those college courses, exams and hours of volunteer work, all the wise advice Sharon’s doled out this past year – all that redemption gone in a puff of angry green smoke – over yet another cheating man. Why anyone’s surprised and hurt when they get cheated on in GC is beyond me… Hmm – what will Graham do now? Find Christian and be hero – or cross paths with Dina.