Thursday, January 4th

Eating at the club, Devon tells Lily about a new artist he’s signing and can tell she doesn’t want to talk about Cane (who then arrives complaining that Billy tailgated him there) Taking a table, Cane hopes Billy behaves at this meeting. When Phyllis joins them, Cane’s sorry but this can’t turn into cocktail-hour. Thinking cocktails a fine idea, Billy summons a waiter.

Abby’s not happy to encounter Scott in the break room – or that Vikki’s assigned them to a project together. But there’s no point going to Vikki – we just have to find a way to work together, Abby decides.

On the CL’s patio, Ashley’s all gung-ho about the facility – but she doesn’t look forward to dropping their Mother off there. We finally agree on something, Jack comments.

In the dining room, Dina talks about John taking Jack, Ashley and Traci skating. Do you have children? she asks. Traci had a daughter but she died a few years ago. Dina’s so sorry for her loss. She then says that leaving doesn’t mean the love is gone. When the doorbell rings, Traci gasps when opening the door to find Graham.

Lily and Devon discuss the party Charlie’s cross country team had at the club. At least the twins didn’t drink. Lily hopes that JT being in town will straighten Reed out – she assumes he and Mattie have broken up. Devon then leaves Lily to take a call from Abby – who wants to take her off on a free trip. Looking over at Cane, Lily hesitates.

Dina brings Graham in before Traci can get rid of him. This is my house – let the man in, she orders. And before Traci can do anything with her phone, Graham leads her off (leaving Dina to smile to herself)

Back at CL’s, Jack and Ashley have now decided that Dina will stay at home – with 24/7 care (which Jack still thinks he can provide) Traci calls in a panic – Graham’s locked me out fo the house – come home! Both run out immediately.

As Phyllis loudly finishes her drink, Billy grumbles about the suppliers being late. It’s rude, disrespectful – we should blow off this meeting. You can leave, Cane says – then turns to look at Lily. Sending Billy to the bar, Phyllis admits that he can be a pain. She then tells Cane to go make up with his wife.

Billy goes over to ask Lily what’s going in between her and ‘kangaroo boy’ these days. It is his business because he’s now Cane’s partner. Never mind – you’re better off without him. Lily thinks Billy and Cane a lot alike – except Cane’s stable and mature. Billy can tell that Lily still loves Cane – so what are you waiting for?