Thursday, January 4th

Dina hasn’t forgiven Graham for leaving her with these dreadful people. They then flashback to Graham manipulating her yesterday at the club – get Jackie out of here before they take him away from you. Let’s go this way so no one sees you, he lead her and Christian out. Graham now wants to take Dina away again – it’ll be just the three of us; our own little adventure. Dina giggles.

At the bar, Phyllis and Billy are pleased with themselves when they see Cane go over to Lily’s table. Our work is done here, they leave. Cane says he was going to text Lily earlier – to talk. It used to be so easy. Did I ruin us? Lily doesn’t know – she sees Cane drifting away. Cane hasn’t moved on at all. Lily hasn’t either – it’s hard. Then why isn’t getting back together easier? Cane asks.

Jack, Ashley and Traci march into the house to confront Graham (who lists all that Dina’s gotten into without him to take care of her) As they’re trying to throw Graham out, Dina appears to say ‘hold the door for me too. I’ll no longer be staying in this horrible prison’

Are you stalking me now? Abby gets on the elevator. Scott says he’s been riding up and down for 20 minutes. We need to be honest. OK, yes, Abby had feelings for Scott – probably just a rebound. She’s found a way to postpone their project by convincing Vikki to send her and Lily to Paris (to expand BnS) Au revoir, she marches off the elevator.

Now at the bar, Cane and Lily are both happy to get things off their chest. Relieved that Lily wants to postpone the divorce, Cane hopes they can do this again soon. Getting to the revolving door, Lily looks back at Cane and the two are soon sharing a passionate kiss.

Let’s get you out of here, Graham tells Dina. Our Mother stays, Jack growls and punches Graham in the gut and throws him out the door. All listen as he shouts that he has power of attorney in GC – he’ll be back with the full force of the law on his side to take Dina away for good.

My Thoughts: If the club’s manager and Paul checked the security footage both in and around the club, how did they miss Graham escorting Dina and Christian out? … Why does Phyllis have the time to attend CI meetings? Doesn’t she have work to do at Fenmore’s? Or at Jabot (there’s no one else there running the place) … Maybe Abby should keep her car doors locked – she’s worth at least half a billion dollars after all and she’s no stranger to being kidnapped (she even once kidnapped herself) … Will Lily leave Cane behind to go to ‘their’ city with Abby? They’ve been leading up to the Ashby reconciliation so long that the inevitable kiss was quite anti-climatic… How do Cane and Lily know that neither of their kids drank at the party? It’s quite possible that Charlie had a beer or two… Why would Vikki send Abby to Paris to expand BnS in Europe? She’s said repeatedly that Abby’s inexperienced in business and she zero experience with Brash n Sassy. Don’t they have anyone to send who speaks French? .. How on earth did Traci manage to let herself get locked out of the house? Isn’t there a key hidden outside? And since she had her phone, her first call should have been to the police.